Our Vision

Our vision is that every deaf person gets the best interpreting, support and employment services in the right place, at the right time, throughout life.

Our Team

Our professional and friendly interpreting and employment team provide first class service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Meeting Our Customers

Sally Chalk

Sally ChalkChief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bob Marsh

Bob MarshUK Business Development Manager

Tanya Simpson

Tanya SimpsonCommunication Assistant

Organising Bookings

Lorna Fairbairn

Lorna FairbairnJoint Operations Manager

Bethany Jamieson

Beth JamiesonJoint Operations Manager
Lydia BrownSupply Chain Manager

Paula Hall

Paula HallLegal Bookings Account Manager

Samantha Flemming

Samantha FlemingBusiness Development Manager

Caroline Butcher

Caroline ButcherLegal Bookings Co-ordinator

Madgalena Zieba

Magdalena ZiebaEducation Bookings Co-ordinator

Toni-Louise WoodAssistant Bookings Co-ordinator - Education

Gemma Theedam

Gemma TheedamMedical Bookings Co-ordinator

Sarah BeaumontMedical Bookings Co-ordinator

Emily Pigg

Emily PiggEducation Account Manager

Looking after the Money

Tim Roke

Tim RokeFinance Manager

Jill Moran

Jill MoranFinance Assistant

Dawn Masterson

Dawn MastersonFinance Assistant

The Interpreting Team

Suzy Evans

Suzy EvansStaff Interpreter

Robbie Grieve

Robbie GrieveStaff Interpreter

Sam Commis

Sam CommisStaff Interpreter

Rosie Phillips

Rosie PhillipsStaff Interpreter
Helen ReaStaff Interpreter
Flora BettlesStaff Interpreter