Clarion are pleased to announce that we have been chosen as a key partner to work with Doncaster Deaf Trust on the Specialist Employability Support (SES) which is part of a new Government funded programme specifically designed to help and support people with Hearing Impairments. In recognition of our award-winning specialist employability support for Deaf and hard of hearing people on a National level for the past 4 years on other Government programmes, we will be supporting customers with practical help in job searching activities across all parts of England.

Doncaster Deaf Trust’s Business Development Manager, Andy Ellis, commented “We are extremely pleased to have won this contract and delighted to be able to work with Clarion in delivering what we believe will the best practical help and support programme ever for people with hearing impairments.”

We are really excited at the prospect of working with both DDT and Action on Hearing Loss (Wales and Scotland) and will be keen to make a real difference to the lives of our customers. The programme will run initially for 2 years from 1st September with the option of extending another year. Clarion’s UK Business Development Manager, Bob Marsh said “This is a fantastic step in the right direction in terms of recognising the specific support needs of our customers with a DWP programme designed to meet those unique needs. It is a genuine DWP ‘first’ and we aim to give it a really good shot and produce a lasting impression for similar future programmes”

This will no doubt take us closer to meeting our Vision That every Deaf person gets the best interpreting, support and employment services in the right place, at the right time, throughout life’ and further consolidating our position as the UK’s leading provider of employment services for Deaf people

If you wish to know more about this exciting new venture please contact Bob Marsh or telephone 01763 209001.

Doncaster Deaf Trust can be contacted on or telephone 01302 386751
Doncaster Deaf Trust