Clarion UK provide a full range of services to Deaf people to support them on their journey before, during and after employment.

Our range of employment support for Deaf people includes:

  • Communication and Employment Consultant (CEC) Support, Clarion UK provides award winning employment support for deaf people, in partnership with Prime Contractors across the UK.
  • Employment Training for Deaf People, Clarion UK has devised a series of workshops looking at the process of searching and applying for jobs.
  • Support at Interview
  • Access to Work Interpreting, Clarion UK has an affordable pricing model for deaf people using Access to Work and requiring sign language support.
  • Workplace Assessments, Clarion UK offer workplace assessments to employers and occupational health providers for people with any level of deafness or hearing loss.
  • Deaf Awareness Training, Clarion UK’s training can be tailored to your organisation, to give you an insight into the deaf world and to highlight the barriers faced by the Deaf and those with hearing loss.
  • British Sign Language Training, by giving your staff the opportunity to learn BSL you can improve access to your business and customer service, and improve inclusion in the work place if hearing and deaf colleagues can communicate with each other.

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