Partner Bulletin 10 – Financial Process Improvements

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Partner Bulletin 10 – Financial Process Improvements

We wanted to thank you for co-operating with recent changes to our financial processes. In August we announced some adjustments needed to improve our records and help us pay you on time. The deadline for signing up to the portal was 1st October so sign up now if you haven’t had a chance to yet. For details on these changes click here. The efforts you’ve made so far have resulted in great improvements to our workflow. Read on to find out more about how far we’ve come…

1. Portal Sign Up

This has increased dramatically.

2. Portal Use

This has also greatly improved.

3. Invoices

These are now coming in on time much more frequently and has been raised from an average of 40% to 80%.

These results are great news, they mean that… 

1. We will be able to save half a day of work per week, which means that Robert can enjoy his lunch at a normal pace and perhaps even an extra coffee break.

2. We will have less paperwork to do – hooray!

3. We will have satisfied clients – when your bills are on time, our bills are on time and that makes them happy.  

4. We can efficiently keep track of our finances.

5. We can more accurately record your hours and reply to queries and problems, resulting in us being in a good position to clear up issues.

Thanks again to all of our partners for co-operating with us on this. It means we have a well-functioning, happy, organised team here in the office which means we can continue to pay you on time and on your terms. Everybody wins!

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If you have any questions about signing up to the portalclick here for details or contact our finance team, RobertJill or John

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