Victoria: Being Diagnosed with Dyspraxia

As part of our Summer project this year we interviewed a variety of students about their experience with us and their journey at University. This was initially to get feedback on areas we can improve but it quickly revealed an insight into the passionate lives and struggles of the students we support. The students trusted us with their tales so that others going through similar struggles could know they’re not alone. Here is Victoria’s story about being diagnosed with dyspraxia in her last year at University…

“Mahendra, my specialist study skills tutor has been a great support by helping me with coping mechanisms and time management….I will definitely be using the strategies he has shown me throughout the rest of my life…I was harder on myself before I found out I had dyspraxia but this year I’ve learnt to be more compassionate to myself and relax. I’ve got to appreciate the times when I’m not late and I do remember things.” Victoria Sweet

Times Higher Education posted Victoria’s story on their website here:

We should all be proud when stories like this get publicity, it takes the entire team working together to keep students and others supplied with the support they need to get them on a level playing field.

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