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Work Programme Success Stories

Clarion UK’s support is helping deaf people find jobs. Here are stories from some of our deaf clients who we have helped into work.

Clarion and Ingeus Do it Again!

Clarion and Ingeus do it again! Victoria Minney, one of our London-based CECs, alongside Ingeus employment advisor Kamesh Vishram worked with Kevin, a profoundly Deaf graphic designer, under the government’s Work Programme to get him into work. After achieving his dream of a career in the TV industry with Moov, through Channel 4’s Rio Production Training Scheme, Ingeus created another [...]

Jennifer, Our First Client into Work 4 Years On!

Four years on and Jennifer, our first client supported into work, is still thriving at Sainsbury’s! When Clarion first started its Welfare to Work specialist employability support for Deaf and hard of hearing customers during the summer of 2011, Jennifer Banton of Stevenage was referred to us through our partnership with Ingeus on the Work Programme. Jennifer was supported with [...]

Success for Agnese – A Deaf Latvian Artist and Photographer

Born in Latvia and profoundly Deaf, Agnese moved to the UK almost four years ago searching for work and a better life in England. When Agnese was referred to the Work Programme with Ingeus, her brother provided communication support for her which was very difficult as her brother has very basic signing skills and English is also his second language. [...]

Deaf Client Gets Job after 27 Years out of Work

One of our Deaf clients has bagged herself a job after being out of work for 27 years. After being out of work since the age of 18 (now 45) with three weeks voluntary work experience in between, Deborah has found herself a job as a school cleaner with the help of one of Clarion’s Communication and Employment Consultants (CEC). [...]

Simon Joins Construction Company FM Conway Thanks to Clarion and Ingeus

Simon was referred onto the Work Programme with Ingeus at Wembley in West London during 2014 where he found himself a Street Lighting Apprentice position at FM Conway. He was immediately engaged to receive support from Clarion, the UK leaders in specialist employability provision for Deaf and hard of hearing customers. Clarion has assisted many of Ingeus’ [...]

Jonathon moves to Glasgow to start his new job in Chemical Engineering

We are so excited at Clarion to share some fantastic news with you about Jonathon Cota’s new job. Job search hadn’t been going too well for Jonathon. He had been made redundant from his job as a Chemical Engineer. Despite looking and applying for everything he could think of he felt like he wasn’t getting anywhere. After a while, Jonathon [...]