Clarion UK was started in 2002 in Cambridge to improve equal access and interpreting services in the local area. With a passion and commitment to deliver great services at the core of everything we do, the company has gone from strength to strength.

When Clarion UK started out we had two aims: to improve the quality of interpreting provision for Deaf people in the Eastern Region and to improve the skill level of interpreters in the area. There were just the two of us based at the Deaf Club in Cambridge and although we have grown considerably since then, we still retain our roots in the local deaf community and are committed to providing an excellent service for local Deaf people. Our passion for what we do and our beliefs in equality of access have not changed one iota.

And now…

We now have a stunning track record in working with some major international, national and local organisations such as Ingeus and Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital. We are very experienced in working in legal domains such as courts, probation services and at police stations and have supplied the Tribunals Service since our inception. We believe in “Interpreters for Life”, providing from birth through to education and into employment and beyond. A significant part of our work is with Deaf students and colleges – increasing awareness of the rights of students and addressing access issues. We also work with Deaf people to find employment and have a National network of Communication Employment Consultants.

Sustained growth

Our sustained growth means we now supply over 50 BSL users per day. All our customers have different needs and our service is tailored to suit them, in how we respond, communicate and the service we deliver to them. We also really enjoy bedding in interpreters so that they return again and again to the customers who like them and get on well with them.