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11 12, 2014

Spotlight on…Penny Wilson, Communication Employment Consultant

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Penny is one of the CEC’s who works in the North West. She is extremely passionate about the work she does and tells us regularly ‘she loves being a CEC’. Recently as part of a good news story Penny wrote the following detail down which I thought would be nice to share with you.

“As a CEC (Communication Employment Consultant) my role is to provide effective communication to enable and assist Deaf jobseekers to gain employment and sustain it. To do this we assist with all aspects of job searching, including application forms, CV, job adverts and effective job searching, telephone calls, interviews and practise beforehand, confidence building and 1:1 with advisers. That really is just a short list of the things that we really do.

I have always considered that for someone to get and keep a job role there needs to be no outside complications interfering with their concentration. By that I mean any issues that they have at home whether it be benefits, money, parents etc. For me I look at what is happening in that person’s background first and assist and advise to help them to focus on job searching better.

The other thing I think is very important is to find a job that they actually like and want to do. At times it can be easier to apply for the first thing you see and push the client towards a role that is not really what they want to do. I always ask “what is your dream job?” and “what did you study at college and why?” To find a role that they enjoy and aspire to will help with the client’s enthusiasm and long term employment.

I absolutely love being a CEC. It is such a rewarding job. There is no better feeling than supporting someone to achieve their goals”.

For more information about becoming a Communication Employment Consultant, please contact Bob Marsh by email or on 01763 209001.

7 10, 2014

Clarion Supports 100th Deaf Person into Employment

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Clarion are ecstatic to announce that we have just supported our 100th Person into employment!

We are absolutely delighted to tell you that Amanda Atkin has got a job as a Cleaner at Leeds University!

Amanda, an experienced cleaner, found it really difficult to get work when she moved to Leeds. Amanda feels her deafness was a real barrier.  For Amanda, being deaf meant that she was unable to independently job search, complete application forms and contact employers. When she did get through to employers she felt that her deafness ‘put them off’.  Amanda was signed up to the Work Programme and referred to Ingeus.  Ingeus are a Prime Contractor who work with Clarion using our Communication Employment Consultant (CEC) Model to support their deaf customers.

Amanda worked really closely with Rebecca, her Employment Advisor from Ingeus and Penny, her Communication Employment Consultant from Clarion to look for work. She attended regularly and even though it took some time Amanda stayed positive and worked hard to achieve her goal.

Tracie Redshaw, National Operations Manager, Clarion

“We are thrilled for Amanda, she has persistently worked hard to get a job, she has taken the knocks and got back up again.

I am delighted to be able to showcase our Communication Employment Consultant (CEC) model’s success.  We also introduced our new employment training earlier this year. Amanda was one of the first delegates to attend this through Ingeus who piloted this training in their Leeds Office.

The inspiration for our CEC model and the training we provide is a desire to guarantee that Prime Contractors delivering on the Work Programme and Work Choice were able to offer a quality affordable service to meet the needs of their Deaf customers.

This fantastic news is also testament to our wonderful Partners who understand the importance of working with us to ensure that Deaf people have full and equal access to their services”.

Amanda told us…

“I am pleased with the help I had from Penny, my CEC and from Ingeus Advisor Rebecca. They helped me to get a job at the University. The course for employment skills was also good. It gave me confidence for interview and helped me to know how to respond to questions with confidence.

I am happy to get a job; it is always different each day and keeps me busy. I feel now I can move on with my life and start to make plans for the future.”

Penny Wilson , Clarion Communication Employment Consultant explains…

“Amanda joined the program just over a year ago.  At first she was quiet and nervous. However, over time Amanda grew in confidence and began to blossom in the group, we began to see who Amanda really was and enjoy her witty sense of humour.  Amanda joined the group for the Employability Skills Course, she was again a little nervous, but very quickly found her feet and had some real positive and informative contributions to the discussion and the course. During the course we covered interview skills and did a mock interview, this was an area that Amanda had struggled with previously, but with our guidance was able to overcome her fears to give a very strong interview. This served her well when she went for her interview at the University, armed with her new confidence and an understanding on how to answer the questions that faced her; she managed to successfully secure a permanent position. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Amanda and I feel that she will continue to grow in her chosen occupation and be a valued member of the University team.”

Rebecca Cockerton, Ingeus Employment Advisor  told us “it has been so exciting to see Amanda’s confidence in herself grow as a result of the course.  She worked hard to maintain the momentum that the course gave her, which resulted in this job.  I am confident that she will be a valuable addition to the team at Leeds University.”

Amanda Atkin has got a job
17 01, 2013

Marilyn Haywood TI

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Marilyn Haywood (TI) – “As a Clarion representative I am privileged to meet advisors who show compassion and assistance to Deaf clients and their needs and problems. Some of these have arisen as a result of job searching and I have seen every help and assistance given by Ingeus advisors to rectify these problems.
I am also humbled and more determined than ever when I see the eagerness of deaf people to obtain work whilst facing on-going barriers to employment.”

17 01, 2013

Peter Moone TI

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Peter Moone (TI) – “My experience of working alongside customers is that they have become more confident in their approach and have regained their faith within the welfare system.

Prior to the CEC model the feedback from advisers was that it was difficult to communicate with deaf customers and they found arranging interpreters a hindrance to their ever increasing work load. Working with a CEC means that they can focus on their job in hand as well as focus on the goals of the client rather than having to repeat themselves with a different interpreter at each appointment.

The consistency of the CEC for both the advisor and the client is an important factor in its success. This has increased the partnership as each week a new target is set, trust grows and experience is gained.

There is also a massive boost in confidence as people know that their needs for support in CV and application writing are understood. The customers I work with no longer worry about barriers they may face with even basic needs such as using a telephone.

I hope to continue the good work which benefits Clarion’s vision of working to find employment for deaf communities across the country.”

17 01, 2013

Jill Newlands RSLI

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Jill Newlands (RSLI) had this to say – “CECs offer vital access for job seekers with any degree of deafness using a range of communication modes. Access to meetings with employment advisors is one of the many services I have provided as well as language modification, CV checking and support with completing job applications. CEC’s knowledge of local opportunities and Access to Work funding for reasonable adjustments enhance the job seeker’s experience and support the transition into employment.”

16 01, 2013

Anna Calstar-Fisher CEC

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Here is Anna’s story (our CEC) about supporting her client, Martin, and how they got on during the process of searching, applying for and getting a job:

“The CEC model has worked really well for Martin. The paperwork involved in supporting job seekers is usually enormous, so an ‘ordinary’ one hour time slot can easily be filled with paperwork. The centre realised that Martin would need additional support, on top of the hour that he was receiving with his Employment Advisor, so they set up my meetings with Martin as a CEC. As a CEC, who is not governed by paperwork, I can use the time far more productively and we could get on with finding Martin a job.

A lot of the job searching process is bogged down with English terminology and jargon, which is hard to unravel for someone whose first language is BSL. Any information that was sent out from the government, such as information about benefits, was difficult for Martin to understand, so I spent time explaining and translating this information for him.

It is straightforward for English-users to understand information from leaflets but it made Martin panic when he tried to decipher things like which benefits would stop when he got a job. It was crucial to clarify things like this by translating information into BSL, otherwise Martin would have lost confidence in job searching and might have given up. Martin would text me outside of appointments too if he didn’t understand something, which is the kind of personal support that makes the CEC model so effective. I am not just a communication support worker, but a touchstone for any information that Martin needs to know about the work environment. For Martin, knowing that he will be seeing the same person every fortnight to help him find a job gives him confidence.

The CEC model also supports clients when they have successfully got a job. Martin has been able to secure a job in a local supermarket, which is great, but it presented new challenges. For example, Martin recently had more money taken from his wages as his employer had entered the new workplace pension scheme. He didn’t understand why as all the information about workplace pensions had been sent out on posters… using technical English. I was able to explain the scheme to Martin when I next visited him. He stopped panicking when he understood the information in his language!”