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18 02, 2016

An (Open) Day to Remember!

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Shaw Trust, one of the prime providers on the Government’s Work Choice programme, teamed up with Clarion, bringing the City of Stoke-on-Trent a fantastic Open Day showcasing the services provided for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

The effort for the organisation paid off with a fantastic turnout from Deaf organisations, dDeaflinks and Deaf Vibe, DEAs, and Deaf individuals themselves. A raffle was held to win prizes donated from Clarion and Shaw Trust including a meal voucher for Frankie & Benny’s! And of course… lots and lots of cakes, made especially by a local school.

Our very own dynamic duo, Bob and Tanya, traveled up North to show support for Shaw Trust’s efforts in supporting their Deaf and Hard or Hearing peers and had this to say:

“It was a real privilege to be invited to Shaw Trust’s Deaf Open Day and to see so many Deaf and hard of hearing customers attend to sample the benefits of how we can help the region’s Deaf community. The event was so well organised and promoted and we were honoured by the special appearance of former Hollyoaks actress, Rachel Shenton. Our partnership with Shaw Trust spans many years and this was the culmination of our success in reaching out to my fellow Deaf peers in this area. I sincerely hope we can do the same in other areas with Shaw Trust to reinforce the message that we are here to help. Sincere thanks goes to everyone at Shaw Trust and our Lead CEC, Penny Wilkinson for making the day a complete success”

Bob’s ‘celebrity’ status was overshone by an extra special guest appearance from Rachel Shenton before she jetted off to LA to shoot the next season of Switched at Birth!

Bob and Rachel just couldn't resist being papped!

Bob and Rachel just couldn’t resist being papped!

Penny, our lead CEC who helped organise the event commented saying:

“I want to say a huge thanks to Shaw Trust and the team at Stoke-on-Trent for all their hard work and support, they are truly an amazing group of people.”

Dominic Jeffreys, Team Leader at Shaw Trust after the event had this to say:

“It was the first time we had put on an event like this for the deaf community so we were all nervous but excited. It was important for us to do this so we could show we’re a centre of excellent and how our strong links with passionate organisations like Clarion and dDeaflinks help us improve our expertise. To have Rachel take time out of her busy schedule to see us was great, it created a really good vibe and she was very friendly. Thank you to the Shaw Trust team in Stoke and Penny from Clarion has been amazing in helping us come this far. We’re now going to start planning our next event, which will focus on employment opportunity for clients who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.”

We look forward to the next Deaf Open Day event – Hope to see you there!

7 08, 2015

Bob Brings Inspiration to Doncaster Deaf Trust’s Annual Prize Giving Day

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Doncaster Deaf Trust’s Annual Prize Giving Day on Wednesday 15th July was a day much anxiously awaited by Bob Marsh, our very own UK Business Development Manager.

Bob, being Deaf himself and an inspirational character to the Deaf community, was invited as a Guest Speaker by DDT’s Chair of Trustees, Bobbie Roberts and Executive Principal, Alan Robinson to give a truly motivational speech named ‘Hearts and Minds’ to the students of Doncaster College. With 330 students and their families in attendance, Bob felt a great deal of pride to represent the future generation giving a good account of how he overcame life’s challenges.

After the event he commented, “It was a real privilege to be part of the student’s special day and handing out the Special Awards. The day belonged to them and I felt enormous pride for all that they achieved during the academic year. Bobbie and Alan and their colleagues made me feel very welcome indeed and presented me with some lovely gifts, including a specially inscribed glass plaque that I will treasure.”

Having being born Deaf but his hearing loss not being picked up until the age of 4, Bob was labelled as ‘lazy’ and ‘slow’ in his developing years, and at mainstream school he was labelled a ‘cabbage’ due to poor academic skills. His attendance at Ovingdean Hall residential school in Brighton worked wonders and he achieved an amazing 7 CSE’s (equivalent to GCSEs).

College years also came with its challenges, yet Bob still highly achieved, accomplishing a Diploma in Biology with the aim of becoming a Micro Biologist. Unfortunately, after a succession of unsuccessful interviews due to being Deaf, he then settled for being a milkman and used his first Christmas tips from his generous customers to put down a deposit on his first home!

Life continued to throw challenges at Bob, such as redundancy, debilitating arthritis and other health conditions, to name but a few. Nevertheless, his ‘can do’ and ‘never say die’ attitude never flailed; which is testament to the man he is today.
Bob has an undying passion to help others despite his own challenges and has supported over 400 of his Deaf peers into sustainable employment in the past 8 years through the National employment provision he set up from scratch.

Bob’s success not only benefits himself, but all that come in contact with him. He is an inspiration to all of us here at Clarion and I’m sure those in attendance of the Prize Giving Day felt the same way.

Bob with Bobbie Roberts (Chair of Trustees) and Alan Robinson (Executive Principal)

7 07, 2015

Clarion delivers ‘Step Into Work’ Employability Workshops to Phoenix Group’s Deaf customers

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Clarion partnered with the Phoenix Group of Stevenage to deliver a series of Employability Workshops to a group of unemployed Deaf individuals looking for effective ways of returning to work. The workshops ran for 2 weeks from 17th June with the final day on 30th June and a great time was had by all!

Our very own UK Business Development Manager, Bob Marsh who is Deaf himself, delivered 3 of the workshops over the two weeks that included CV Writing Skills, Job Applications, Work Ethics and preparing for interviews using role-play and ‘live’ interviews with out-sourced volunteers.

Bob says “I very much enjoyed delivering the workshops over the 3 days with Phoenix’s Deaf customers. They were so enthusiastic and got themselves involved and they interacted every step of the way. I look forward to hopefully returning again soon”

Overall, attendees were extremely pleased with the programme and we received plenty of positive feedback. 97% said that the workshops met their expectations, 98% said that they had fun on the workshops and 97% felt that the workshop presentations were interesting and practical.

Some comments made in the feedback:

I enjoyed watching Bob’s presentations and understand what he said

Bob was excellent, clear and helpful and always made sure that everyone understood. There was so much to learn that I never knew before. I felt much more relaxed and aware of things now

The Director of Phoenix group, Jane Shann said “It was a pleasure to work with Bob – he was flexible, able to adapt training to the participants’ needs and address their queries with depth… as well as being lots of fun!”

If you would like Employability Training Workshops to be delivered to your customers please get in touch with Bob.

Bob presenting Phoenix Workshop
19 01, 2015

Employment Training Workshops for Deaf People

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Shaw Trust is a national employment, learning and skills charity that helps people facing disadvantage into work, gain skills and take control of their futures. The charity’s Manchester team has gone the extra mile to make sure that their deaf customers can access employment training opportunities. A group of four customers recently attended an employment training course which specifically looked at the barriers that affect them as deaf jobseekers.

The training, which has been devised and delivered by Clarion, is a series of eight workshops looking at the whole process of searching and applying for jobs whilst offering advice, support and solutions to the obstacles to long-term employment and independence that deaf people contend with.

Clarion supports Shaw Trust with the delivery of their Work Choice contract, through our Communication Employment Consultant Service. In addition to regularly using this service, Shaw Trust’s Manchester team wanted to make sure that this group could access training that was going to offer relevant content as well as peer support.

The training features eight workshops which look at the whole process of applying for jobs, including: identifying skills, completing application forms, independent job search and mock interviews. Since attending the course three of the four participants have been for a job interview and await results. We are hopeful we will be able to share some good news with you about this soon! In the meantime please do take a look at our other good news stories.

Penny Wilson, Clarion Communication Employment Consultant, explains that “the course has been a really valuable addition to the 1:1 work that we do with customers during their usual appointment times. It has meant that they have been more motivated, able to independently job search and have an opportunity to practice attending an interview, which has proven timely as three customers have since been invited for interviews. Being able to deliver this training separately has also meant appointments can be completely dedicated to focusing on job searching.”

Joel Charles, a spokesperson for Shaw Trust, said: “Shaw Trust works with Clarion to support people into work through the government’s specialist disability employment programme, Work Choice. Clarion and our team in Manchester are making good progress in supporting disabled people to find sustainable employment. Through bespoke training and workshops the scheme is helping deaf jobseekers to improve their confidence and gain motivation to search for work independently. Each month Shaw Trust helps over 200 people start work through Work Choice.”

Shaw Trust Logo

If you would like further information on Clarion’s Communication Employment Consultant Model or the Employment Training please do not hesitate to contact Bob Marsh by email or on 01763 209001.

13 05, 2014

Clarion’s new Employment Training for Deaf People

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Clarion are proud to launch our new Job Search Workshops.

At Clarion we understand the additional barriers that D/deaf people can face when looking for work and we offer employment support by delivering services as part of the Work Programme. In addition to the Communication Employment Consultant model, we have recently extended our offer to prime providers by introducing a structured training model that is aimed specifically at addressing some of the barriers that D/deaf people face when looking for work.

One of the prime providers we are delighted to be working with is Ingeus. As a leading welfare-to-work provider, Ingeus is committed to working in partnership with Clarion to support their D/deaf customers overcome barriers to employment and support them into long-term work. Ingeus have worked with us to pilot the Job Search Workshops in their Leeds Office. The course was attended by 5 of their customers and was delivered using British Sign Language so that all participants could directly engage with the course content.

The workshops covered:

  • Looking for jobs
  • Understanding words in job adverts and job descriptions
  • Compiling a relevant CV
  • Completing an application form
  • Work Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Preparing for interview
  • Mock interview sessions

All participants were assessed before and after the sessions, and all had increased in knowledge, understanding and confidence after the workshop which comprised of 8 separate sessions delivered twice a week over a 4 week period. Participants said that after the sessions they felt:

  • more aware of how to identify their skills and transfer that information onto an application form or CV based on the job advert
  • understood their Rights and Responsibilities in the work place
  • more confident at interviews
  • more confident in looking for jobs on their own

On the last session we ran mock interviews to give the participants some realistic interview practice using communication support. They were interviewed by an Ingeus Advisor for the type of job they would like to apply for with communication support provided by Clarion. After the workshops, Clarion and Ingeus worked together to plan future appointments and best ways forward.

All of the participants now continue to have regular individual sessions with their Advisor from Ingeus and their Communication Employment Consultant (CEC) from Clarion. We are confident that with continued support from Clarion and Ingeus that many of the participants will be in work soon.

Penny, our trainer said:

“Recently I delivered the Employability Course in BSL at Ingeus in Leeds to a group of Deaf clients. Their response to the course was amazing; they interacted with each other, discussing and debating and gave plenty of input into the course. In my experience this wouldn’t have happened so easily with a group which includes Deaf and hearing people. The benefit they had was not just learning about CV’s, application forms etc. It was a lot more in depth; I was able to deliver this in their own language, therefore removing the translation and the possibility of losing the content It was a comfortable and safe environment for them to truly open up and explore areas that have been closed to them before. For me this is definitely a way forward and I hope that other prime contractors will see the benefits of it.”

Ian, a participant added:

“I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot and it was good fun too. We had a laugh. The best thing was being with other Deaf people. We all understood each other and had similar experiences. It was easy to communicate on the course; the tutor used sign language so it was easy to follow. I think there should be more courses just for Deaf people. I understand more now and feel more confident that I will get a job.”

Tracie Redshaw, National Operations Manager, Clarion, explains:

“We wanted to introduce a provision that would support D/deaf people through the job search process, and specifically look at some of the additional barriers that can be difficult to overcome. The workshops are about up skilling, offering advice and support and empowering D/deaf people. I have been really pleased with the early results and am particularly grateful to Ingeus for being a part of our pilot process for the workshops. I am hopeful that this will be rolled out to other regions and providers as people start to see the benefits.”

Rebecca Cockerton, Employment Advisor, Ingeus, said:

“It was a delight to watch the confidence of our clients build with each day they attended the course. The sense of community they formed contributed to each individual’s sense of self-respect and self-belief, which then led to significant progression in their job-searching ability and interview skills.”

For further information on the Job Search Workshops, or, to hear more about our Communication Employment Model. Please contact Bob Marsh by email or call 01763 209001.