7 02, 2018

We are Recruiting for Deaf Relay Interpreters

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Location: Nationwide

Clarion UK are currently looking to recruit Deaf Relay Interpreters.

With over fourteen years of sustained growth and new contracts securing significant business for many years to come, we are looking to expand our freelancer team.

Clarion UK

Our vision is that every Deaf person gets the best interpreting, support and employment service in the right place, at the right time.

Deaf Relay roles will include local authority bookings, tribunals and criminal justice settings including police, Magistrates, County or Crown Court.

Skills and Requirements

  • Ability to develop strong professional relationships.
  • Proven career of working in relevant settings or in the Deaf community.

What we can offer you?

  • Accessible, friendly, trained booking team
  • Response to queries in a timely manner
  • Support in completing DBS Check
  • Staff at the end of the phone, no waiting in a queue for your call to be answered
  • Out of hours support if your job is out of hours
  • Payment in 30 days of your invoice being processed.

For more information Deaf Relay Interpreters take a look at our blog post here: http://www.clarion-uk.com/partner-bulletin-12-frequently-asked-questions-deaf-relay-interpreters/

To apply, please find out more information on our website or contact our Supply Chain Manager, Sarah at Sarah.Beaumont@clarion-uk.com.

28 11, 2017

Introduction for Lipspeakers working in Courts and other Legal Settings

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(This course has been approved by Clarion UK and has been designed to enable lipspeakers to meet the new Clarion UK standards.)


This is an intensive 3-day training programme aimed at lipspeakers.

The course will be run by Byron Campbell who has a long standing working relationship with lipspeakers. Byron works as a BSL interpreter in courts and elsewhere. He also currently works with Clarion UK as a consultant to run training courses for BSL interpreters who wish to update their skills so that they can meet the new Clarion UK requirements for court interpreting and legal work. (Clarion UK is the main contractor for all BSL interpreting and lipspeaking within HM courts and legal services. Clarion UK has recently reviewed its standards for all interpreters including BSL interpreters and lipspeakers wanting to work in courts and recommends they all have appropriate training to work in these areas.)

We are very pleased that Byron’s team will uniquely include a barrister and a solicitor as they will help to provide attendees with an excellent in-depth learning experience about lipspeaking in courts and in other legal settings. In addition, there will also be many opportunities for attendees to learn from each other by sharing their experiences of lipspeaking in courts and in other legal settings. Dilys Palin, who has a long experience of lipspeaking in this field, will be the lipspeaking facilitator.

Byron has now managed to find a court setting for this course which is extremely good news as this should provide a very appropriate learning environment.


Course Aims:

The aims of the course are:

To provide lipspeakers with an understanding of some of the issues and dilemmas that may arise when lipspeaking in courts and other legal settings and outline some of the coping strategies that may be available to them.

To help lipspeakers better understand and deal with court/barrister questioning techniques and styles.

To give lipspeakers an opportunity to practise their skills in a ‘live’ situation and get feedback on their work 2.


Course Structure

Day One

This day will be presentations on theory and issues in relation to working in court settings. We will focus on procedures, expectations and achieving the highest quality service for our clients.

Day Two

Participants will go through a series of simulated scenarios and exercises and be given feedback on their work from the barrister, solicitor and an experienced practitioner. All of the practical exercises will be video recorded and the course participants will then have a copy of their work for later analysis and reflection.

Day Three

This is a feedback day and the course participants will have an opportunity to gain feedback on the exercises from day 2 as well as discuss each other’s work with a view to developing and improving their skills and coping strategies.


Dates: Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th March 2018

Cost: This course is non-profit making course and will cost £300

Venue: The course will be held in Birmingham


Expression of interest:

Please reply to Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies as soon as possible to secure your place. It would be very helpful if you could let us know by 8th December 2017 if you want to attend this course.

As the legal team requires a large deposit before the course the deposit will be £100. This will not be asked for until we know that there are enough people.


For further information contact: Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies

Email: enquiries@manchesterdeafstudies.org

Tel: 0161 832 0444


Postal address:

Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies

PO Box 319


M21 3DG


Office address:

Manchester Centre for Deaf Studies

Mauldeth House (Entrance via Nell Lane)

Mauldeth Road West



M21 7R

13 10, 2017

Partner Bulletin 11 – Deaf students: Be Part of Their Story – Victoria: Being Diagnosed with Dyspraxia

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Victoria: Being Diagnosed with Dyspraxia

As part of our Summer project this year we interviewed a variety of students about their experience with us and their journey at University. This was initially to get feedback on areas we can improve but it quickly revealed an insight into the passionate lives and struggles of the students we support. The students trusted us with their tales so that others going through similar struggles could know they’re not alone. Here is Victoria’s story about being diagnosed with dyspraxia in her last year at University…

“Mahendra, my specialist study skills tutor has been a great support by helping me with coping mechanisms and time management….I will definitely be using the strategies he has shown me throughout the rest of my life…I was harder on myself before I found out I had dyspraxia but this year I’ve learnt to be more compassionate to myself and relax. I’ve got to appreciate the times when I’m not late and I do remember things.” Victoria Sweet

Times Higher Education posted Victoria’s story on their website here:


We should all be proud when stories like this get publicity, it takes the entire team working together to keep students and others supplied with the support they need to get them on a level playing field.

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up to date, in the next video we speak to a Travel & Tourism student about Aspergers. 

If you have a story to tell or would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch with media@clarion-uk.com

If you would like to find out more about how you can be a part of our Student Support Services, visit our website: www.clarionukstudentsupport.com


13 10, 2017

Partner Bulletin 10 – Financial Process Improvements

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We wanted to thank you for co-operating with recent changes to our financial processes. In August we announced some adjustments needed to improve our records and help us pay you on time. The deadline for signing up to the portal was 1st October so sign up now if you haven’t had a chance to yet. For details on these changes click here. The efforts you’ve made so far have resulted in great improvements to our workflow. Read on to find out more about how far we’ve come…

1. Portal Sign Up

This has increased dramatically.

2. Portal Use

This has also greatly improved.

3. Invoices

These are now coming in on time much more frequently and has been raised from an average of 40% to 80%.

These results are great news, they mean that… 

1. We will be able to save half a day of work per week, which means that Robert can enjoy his lunch at a normal pace and perhaps even an extra coffee break.

2. We will have less paperwork to do – hooray!

3. We will have satisfied clients – when your bills are on time, our bills are on time and that makes them happy.  

4. We can efficiently keep track of our finances.

5. We can more accurately record your hours and reply to queries and problems, resulting in us being in a good position to clear up issues.

Thanks again to all of our partners for co-operating with us on this. It means we have a well-functioning, happy, organised team here in the office which means we can continue to pay you on time and on your terms. Everybody wins!

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

If you have any questions about signing up to the portalclick here for details or contact our finance team, RobertJill or John

13 09, 2017

Freelancer Terms & Conditions

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We’ve heard about some miscommunications and we are hoping to clear up any confusion that you have about Freelancer Terms & Conditions. We feel it’s important to clarify that we are paying Freelancer Cancellation Terms & Conditions.

Clarion UK works with you, the LSPs, to deliver a service to our contracts. Some of our contracts have very stringent Terms & Conditions, some have no cancellation policy and some have as little as 48 hours.

However, even with these contracts, we undertake to always work with your standard cancellation policy, 0-7 days 100% and 8-14 days 50%. We value your support and your dedication and can confirm that we will continue, as always, to uphold your Terms & Conditions.

Sincerely, The Clarion UK Team

For any more questions, please get in touch with bethany.jamieson@clarion-uk.com or refer to our website for details.



4 09, 2017

Partner Bulletin Week 8 – Refer a friend and receive £50

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Clarion UK has been busy over the summer visiting Universities, Colleges and Assessment Centres around the UK.


We are currently supporting 360 students who are Deaf or Disabled and we are expecting a further 300-600. It’s great news that students are seeking beneficial support but this also means we need to work together as team to make sure they get what they need. We are determined to get our standard fulfilment rate up from 98% to 100%. To do so, we are looking for even more professionals in the following fields:

  • Support Workers: Readers, Scribes, Practical Support Assistants and Proof Readers
  • Visual Impairment Experts: Sighted Guides and Mobility Trainers
  • Electronic Note-takers
  • Assistive Technology Trainers
  • Specialist mentors and 1;1 Study Skills: for students with mental health conditions, Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Specific learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia
  • Mobility Trainers: with a Rehab degree or specialist qualification

All our partners need to have the right to work in the UK and be willing to provide an up to date DBS check as well as relevant training and/or qualifications. However, you are welcome to contact us if you need help with this.

Refer A Friend

Recruitment is also strong, in August we added 45 new vetted partners to our company and we have a further 123 currently going through the vetting process. We are pleased to announce that during the dog days of summer, for those 45 new partner we have already placed 21 of them with students.

To keep momentum going, we are launching our “Refer a Friend” scheme. If you pass our name and contact details onto someone that we allocate a student to in the next term we will give you £50.00. When they contact us, make sure they mention that they heard about Clarion UK through you and the scheme, this will allow us to track that it was a result of your reference!

24 08, 2017

Partner Bulletin Week 6 – Deaf students: Be Part of Their Story Colette: Dealing with Deafness & dyslexia

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At Clarion UK Student Support we place the students at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we enjoy hearing from the student’s perspective, about their experience at University and what can be done better. This year we took it a step further and sent out Ashleigh with a camera to interview four different students. The stories we collected involved more than we could have imagined. The students trusted us with their tales so that others going through similar struggles could know they’re not alone. Here is Colette’s story about battling dyslexia and Deafness to attend University after a 20 year struggle…


Being the odd one out in school knocks your confidence. I grew up thinking I was just plain stupid. A lot of children with hearing impairments will suffer from dyslexia. When we’re learning phonics in school, we miss the sounds and don’t grasp the spellings. Because I understand that now, it makes my learning ability easier, because I know it’s not just me…it’s just “dyslexia”.
Colette Scotton

We posted Colette’s video and story on our website here:

The inspiring story was picked up by a range of different newspapers:

The Cambridge News

British Deaf News

The Hearing Times

Not to mention the hundreds of people sharing it to their networks. 

Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up to date, in the next video we speak to a drama student diagnosed with dyspraxia.

If you have a story to tell or would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch with Magdalena on 01763 207910 or drop her an e-mail at Magdalena@clarion-uk.com

If you would like to find out more about how you can be a part of our Student Support Services, visit our website: www.clarionukstudentsupport.com

22 08, 2017

We are seeking: Professionals to work with Visually Impaired Students

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We are looking for a range of support professionals to work with students who are visually impaired across the UK. The roles are as follows:

1. Mobility Trainer. £25.00 – £35.00 per hour

You will be a qualified Mobility Trainer with the ability to support, motivate and encourage students during their first few weeks at University. You will have a relevant degree, diploma, foundation course, BTEC or specialist qualifications.

2. Study Assistant. £12- £15 per hour.

You will be an experienced support worker, able to work with students with Visual impairments on a day to day basis in lectures, in the library or when essay writing. You will have relevant experience and training.

3. Specialist Notetaker for VI students, including Braille. £20.00 – £25.00 per hour.

You will have specialist notetaking qualifications or other relevant training.

4. Specialist Support Professional for Students with Sensory Impairment . £45 per hour.

We are looking for qualified support professionals for visually impaired students, who have the ability to support, motivate and encourage students to develop and achieve their full potential. You will provide bespoke 1:1 study skills tuition and have a relevant degree or PGCE and additional qualifications.

If you know someone who would be great for these roles or you have hidden talents, please can get in touch with Beth on Bethany.jamieson@clarion-uk.

18 08, 2017

Partner Bulletin Week 5 – Training available for professionals

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Training available for professionals working with Deaf and hard of hearing people: Legal settings, lipspeaking, electronic note-taking & high-level strategies

Our values include only working with the highest quality of partners and staff as well as promoting and providing CPD whenever possible. We are therefore very pleased to bring together our latest collaborations with some of the “best in class” trainers in the UK.
Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of upcoming training events; either provided directly by ourselves or through trusted suppliers with bursaries available.

Introduction for lipspeakers working in courts and other legal settings

The course will be run by Byron Campbell.

The aims of the course are to provide lipspeakers with: 

  • An understanding of issues and dilemmas that may arise when interpreting in courts and other legal settings
  • An outline of coping strategies available
  • A greater understanding of and ability to deal with court/barrister questioning techniques and styles 
  • An opportunity to practise their skills in a ‘live’ situation and get feedback

Dates: December 2017

Cost: £300 

Venue: London

For more information contact Dillip@btinternet.com


Electronic Notetaking to Support Deaf and Disabled People (OCN Accredited)

This course will be run by Note-Able Notetakers 

The aims of the course are as follows:  

  • The training equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to get started in a challenging and rewarding role
  • Learning with our experienced tutors in a friendly, supportive environment, you will be working towards a recognised professional qualification

Dates and venues: 

London: 6th – 8th September: Shadwell Centre E1W 3HP

Birmingham: 25th – 27th September (venue to be confirmed)

Sheffield: 16th – 18th October (venue to be confirmed)

For more information contact info@note-ablenotetakers.co.uk for advisory interview and skills assessment. This course is supported by the  Clarion UK bursary scheme. 



Introduction for BSL Interpreters working in courts and other legal settings

The course will be run by Byron Campbell.

The aims are the courses are to provide BSL/English Interpreters with: 

  • An understanding of court and tribunal procedures and current legislation
  • A good understanding of police and court questioning techniques and styles
  • An overview of the roles and responsibilities of the various people involved when working with the Crown Prosecution Service, courts and tribunals

Dates:  4-6th October and 18-20th October

Cost: £300 

Venues: Thames Valley and South East. Bristol coming soon.  

For more information contact lorna@clarion-uk.com



These will be ran by Linguistpd (Wendy Ledeux) 

Psychological Games: 

When we play them and who we play them with

Presented by Jill Guest on the 14 September 2017

Occupational Therapy in Adult Mental Health

Presented by:  Jane Terry-Coy on the 12 October 2017

Voicing strategies for the interpreter’s toolbox:

What we can learn from a case study of International Sign interpreting

Presented by Brett Best:  9 November 2017


For more information visit https://linguistpd.co.uk/webinars/upcoming-webinars/

14 08, 2017

Partner Bulletin Week 4 – Important changes to our finance system & how you get paid

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As our partners, we are sure you are aware that we have grown significantly over the last two years – 33% more booking last year and 10% more bookings this year. Managing growth and our partners has had three important consequences. These are:

  1. Robert and Jill in the finance department are dealing with up to 120 emails per day each, with Jill raising up to 80 invoices per day.  
  1. There is a considerable delay between the booking happening and Clarion UK getting your invoice – up to 20% of partner invoices are significantly late and recently some have been up to 6 months late. This means we can’t get the money in the bank which makes it harder to keep it flowing to you.
  1. We are being audited much more – this year so far we have had visits from Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), MoJ and the Department of Education.  We have passed them all, however they are looking at all our processes from nose to tail and our finances particularly need to be streamlined and efficient. 
So what we are proposing is three solutions:
  1. All of our partners using our portal for invoicing by October 1st 2017. After this date, emails and paper invoices will be returned. If you are not already set up there are three easy steps to take: 
                 a. Email Robert at robert@clarion-uk.com
                 b. Access the portal here: http://suppliers.clarion-uk.com/login
                 c. Follow the user guide here.

                 If there are exceptional reasons for needing to email or post invoices, please get in touch with Robert at  robert@clarion-uk.com.

  1. Invoices and time sheets in on time. These need to be sent to us within FIVE WORKING DAYS of the booking.  Anything longer than this will mean that you are paid what is on our system rather than any extra hours. Anything over 28 days late will not get paid – unless there is a reason such as long-term hospitalisation or illness, in which case get in touch. 
  1. Getting the details right. Terms and conditions need to match our clients. For example; mileage at 40p per mile and time sheets needs to be signed with a wet signature by yourself and the client – we will give out more information in the later weeks.  There’s no dramatic changes happening (cancellation charges will still be honoured, mileage paid, three hour minimums for interpreters), we are simply aligning ourselves with Student Finance England.

We will be bringing in a partner App and digital time sheets to make things easier in the coming months and your compliance with these new processes is greatly appreciated. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact RobertJill or John in finance.