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11 02, 2016

Clarion and Ingeus Do it Again!

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Clarion and Ingeus do it again! Victoria Minney, one of our London-based CECs, alongside Ingeus employment advisor Kamesh Vishram worked with Kevin, a profoundly Deaf graphic designer, under the government’s Work Programme to get him into work.

After achieving his dream of a career in the TV industry with Moov, through Channel 4’s Rio Production Training Scheme, Ingeus created another good (great) news stories with the fantastically clever title ‘Ingeus gets Kevin on the Moov’. Click the link to catch the full story.

Wishing the very best of luck to Kevin, especially in his interview for a place on the production team for the Rio Games! Don’t forget us when you’re famous!

1 02, 2016

Jennifer, Our First Client into Work 4 Years On!

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Four years on and Jennifer, our first client supported into work, is still thriving at Sainsbury’s!

When Clarion first started its Welfare to Work specialist employability support for Deaf and hard of hearing customers during the summer of 2011, Jennifer Banton of Stevenage was referred to us through our partnership with Ingeus on the Work Programme.

Jennifer was supported with job searching activities with one of our Communication and Employment Consultants (CEC) Anna Calstar-Fisher, and within just a few weeks became our very first customer into work with her local Sainsbury’s store! Jennifer’s story was widely publicised in local media, Ingeus and even DWP ran the story on their website!

Jennifer Banton CEC

Click here read the story.

That was all of four years ago and we recently caught up with Jennifer again and were delighted to hear that she is still thriving at the Sainsbury’s store at Coreys Mill, Stevenage. Anna has provided Jennifer with ongoing communication support, via the Government’s Access to Work scheme, to ensure everything runs smoothly and has now become a well-known part of the furniture herself around the store!

We asked Jennifer how having a job has changed her life:

“It feels strange to think back to when I was out of work for 12 years. I have now been working for 4 years and have gained confidence and made some good friends, both hearing and deaf. I am now more confident to explain to new colleagues how to communicate with me and in some cases teach some basic sign language, some of them have gone on to learn level 1 BSL themselves. Our former Store Trainer had also learnt some sign language when she was selected as one of the London Olympic Helpers!”

Jennifer’s Groceries Online Manager, Julian Martin has been very supportive of Jennifer’s needs and requirements and commented: “Retail is such a fast paced industry, we change process & procedures frequently to ensure we’re doing the right thing for our customers and colleagues. Without Anna’s continued support, especially helping Jen to be involved in Team Huddles and development, it would be very difficult to ensure that Jen fully understands what we are asking of her. Jen seems to be really enjoying her role within Sainsbury’s & continues to impress me”

CEC model in Sainsburys

Anna, who has since successfully supported many other Deaf customers into work in a similar way to Jennifer explains: “I think one of the most important aspects of being a CEC is the long term In Work Support that can be provided to the Deaf employee and their employers. Staff and Managers come and go or transfer to different stores and that can become rather disorientating to a Deaf employee getting to know new colleagues. CECs provide support on a regular basis and negate the stress that can build up if the Deaf employee struggles with communication. It is also reassuring for the employer and employee to know that they have an Interpreter that they can call upon when there is development training or new procedures to be explained”

Acknowledging Anna’s comments, Jennifer went on to say: “I feel secure knowing it will be the same CEC (Anna) supporting me every month and whenever I need her. I have built up a strong relationship with Anna and I would worry if I had different Interpreters as they may not understand me as well as Anna does. If I do not understand something or have a problem linked to work I can always text Anna and she will advise the best course of action”.

Bob Marsh UK Business Development Manager at Clarion who pioneered the CEC model says “I have nothing but praise for Sainsbury’s for the way that they have welcomed Jennifer into their team and every piece of advice and support that was provided was enthusiastically received”

If you would like to know more about Clarion’s unique and holistic employability support for Deaf and hard of hearing customers please contact Bob Marsh on 01763 209001 or via email.

4 01, 2016

Success for Agnese – A Deaf Latvian Artist and Photographer

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Born in Latvia and profoundly Deaf, Agnese moved to the UK almost four years ago searching for work and a better life in England.

When Agnese was referred to the Work Programme with Ingeus, her brother provided communication support for her which was very difficult as her brother has very basic signing skills and English is also his second language. This, unfortunately, had a negative impact on her confidence and independence until Ingeus’ advisor, Looqman Patel, recognised this and asked Clarion to appoint one of our Communication and Employment Consultants, Suzanne Truelove to support Agnese.

Suzanne tells us the story…

Starting with ‘Barriers’

Communication was challenging for both Agnese and myself, but with perseverance, Google Translate and sign apps, we developed a great relationship and communicated effectively. During this time, Agnese’s English language and British Sign Language had greatly improved!

Once we overcame the communication obstacles, we were then able to discuss Agnese’ education, and work experience and put short/mid/long term goals in place.

Moving forward

Agnese’s passion is art and photography and her long term goal is to work within this field. Looqman recognised this and located a photography course for her to attend and communication support was provided throughout. Agnese thoroughly enjoyed the course and commented that it reaffirmed her goal of pursuing a career within this area.

Agnese created a portfolio of her art and photography work and, after discussions regarding self-employment, she set up her own business in her chosen career but is well aware that it can take time to build up from scratch. Agnese then sought part-time work that would bring in a subsidised income whilst still pursuing her business in photography and art work.

Snippets of Agnese's photography and artwork

Snippets of Agnese’s Artwork and Photography

Finding Part-Time Work

Agnese had no previous work experience, however, having done housekeeping for many years in the family home she decided she would like to do this alongside her self-employment, within a hotel environment.

I supported Agnese in creating a CV, cover letters and applying for vacancies. We also sent out letters to local hotels within a ten-mile radius of her home and she offered herself for unpaid work trials. We were delighted when the Holiday Inn at Brighouse took up her offer and were subsequently overjoyed when they then gave her a job as a room attendant for 18 to 24 hours per week! The manager at the Holiday Inn was delighted to have Agnese working there and also agreed to work around Agnese’s English course each Monday.

Success for Agnese!

I have been supporting Agnese for seven months now and, along with Looqman’s and Ingeus’ support, she has within that time: improved her BSL and English language to a point where she can communicate effectively, completed a photography course, enrolled on an English course, set up her own business, and gained a position as a room attendant in a large hotel chain. Her confidence and independence has grown immensely! A marvellous achievement in such a short space of time, well done to Agnese!

Looqman of Ingeus commented:

“Agnese was referred to us at Ingeus and the biggest barriers she faced in securing employment were the lack of work experience and very limited language in both BSL and English. I got in contact with Clarion, who support clients with communication and employment support and we introduced Agnese to Clarion’s Suzanne Truelove. Suzanne supported Agnese on a weekly basis and worked intensively with her applying for work and contacting employers.

Suzanne provided great support including securing an interview and subsequently a job offer with a local Holiday Inn as a Housekeeper! As a direct result, along with Agnese’s determination, she is now looking at securing a home for herself and becoming independent for the first time ever!”

We at Clarion are very proud of Agnese’ achievements and wish her all the very best for the future in her exciting new venture!

If you would like to know more about Clarion’s unique and holistic employability support for Deaf and hard of hearing customers please contact Bob Marsh on 01763 209001 or via email.

3 11, 2015

Deaf Client Gets Job after 27 Years out of Work

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One of our Deaf clients has bagged herself a job after being out of work for 27 years.

After being out of work since the age of 18 (now 45) with three weeks voluntary work experience in between, Deborah has found herself a job as a school cleaner with the help of one of Clarion’s Communication and Employment Consultants (CEC).

The Story:

Deborah had two barriers when it came to finding work; alongside her hearing loss, a brain tumour at the age of two left her with learning difficulties and subsequent low literacy skills. Despite being keen to get a job, she had convinced herself that she was unemployable. When Louise, our CEC, met her for the first time, she was in tears due to the frustration and upset of not being able to find a job; looking for jobs was beyond her ability.

The Journey:

Those tears soon turned to tears of relief after Louise explained to her and the advisor how Clarion could help!

Her confidence grew week by week, using the computer to conduct job searches together, creating her CV and cover letters to match job applications, applying for every job they found and gaining a few interviews. Practising interview techniques helped increase her confidence even more and she was offered an interview at a school.

After a successful interview for a school cleaner, she was offered a day’s trial; having a few wobbles of self-doubt, after a little encouragement she plucked up the courage to go – thrilled with herself, she got the job! Many congratulations!

Since being offered the job, Deborah has applied, with the help of Louise, for Access to Work to help her in various parts of her job.

Louise commented:

“Ingeus have been marvellous and the advisor was so supportive…. At our last appointment, Deborah gave me a bunch of flowers and a card thanking me”

We wish Deborah every success in the future with her new job and look forward to now supporting her in her new role through Access to Work.

Deborah was convinced she couldn’t have done it with the support of Clarion’s CEC and Ingeus. Does this story sound familiar? Do you know of someone who could benefit from a CEC? Would you like to know how Clarion can support you?

If you want to find out more about how we can support you or your Deaf/hard of hearing customers into work on Government employment programmes, including the new Specialist Employability Support (SES) please get in touch with Bob Marsh – Clarion’s UK Business Development Manager, who is Deaf himself and leads on our National employability support for Deaf people.

Clarion's CEC

Louise with her card and flowers from Deborah

18 03, 2015

Simon Joins Construction Company FM Conway Thanks to Clarion and Ingeus

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Simon 3

Simon was referred onto the Work Programme with Ingeus at Wembley in West London during 2014 where he found himself a Street Lighting Apprentice position at FM Conway. He was immediately engaged to receive support from Clarion, the UK leaders in specialist employability provision for Deaf and hard of hearing customers. Clarion has assisted many of Ingeus’ clients into sustainable employment since the inception of their unique Communication and Employment Consultant (CEC) model in 2011. When Simon was first referred to Clarion, he was assigned one of our brilliant CECs, Victoria, to assist him with preparing him for his new role with FM Conway. This included setting up his access to work support, liaising between the employer, Ingeus advisor and client along with attending induction training that Simon was required to complete for the new role.

Victoria quickly supported Simon with an application to Access to Work, a Government scheme to assist disabled people to overcome barriers to help sustain their jobs. Simon said “before, I had no support. No one helped me with AtW (Access to work). I felt so much better when I first met Victoria and felt much more confident and happy!”

Determined to help Simon demonstrate his abilities to his new employer, Victoria donned overalls; steel toe capped boots and a High Vis Jacket and joined Simon for a whole week during his trial! Victoria said “I have to admit the 7am starts were brutal however, seeing Simon’s smiling face every morning prepared me for the day ahead!

Clarion were also able to set up and deliver Deaf Awareness and BSL Training for some of the staff and Simon’s new colleagues at FM Conway to enable them to understand and accommodate Simon’s specific needs.

Liz Chasteauneuf, FM Conway’s Learning and Development Manager said “The staff at Clarion have been a great support  to facilitate Simon’s employment with us.  Victoria, especially, has worked with us interpreting at FM Conway events, during Simon’s work trial, his interview and training.  We have all built up a great rapport with her.  Clarion also helped to organise a deaf awareness course (with signing), we asked for a lot, however, the trainer, Patricia, exceeded our expectation.  It was a great day and we all learnt so much”. Steven Chapman (Lighting Services) Contracts Manager commented on the Deaf Awareness Training course “I took a lot out of this training and genuinely felt that Patricia was an inspirational woman”.

With Clarion having assisted Simon to integrate within his new environment successfully, Bob Marsh UK Business Development Manager at Clarion who pioneered the CEC model says “I have nothing but praise for FM Conway for the way that they have welcomed Simon and every piece of advice that we provided, including the Deaf Awareness Training, was enthusiastically received”. 

Victoria further commented “during the week, Simon’s colleagues grew confident and they were able to communicate with him after reaping the benefits of the Deaf Awareness and BSL training they received from Clarion, which was lovely to see!

“I am so proud of Simon and all he has achieved. As a CEC I can honestly say this is a huge breakthrough for getting deaf people into sustainable work within the construction sector and we all have FM Conway and Simon to thank for this”.

Simon declared “receiving support from Victoria as a CEC is a big difference compared to interpreter because a CEC gave me lots of support, if I have any problems Victoria was always on hand to help me very quickly”.

We asked Simon: How did we make a difference?

“My smile is back because of Clarion and the support I have received”

You can read more success stories of deaf clients who have found jobs here.


Simon 1
15 01, 2015

Jonathon moves to Glasgow to start his new job in Chemical Engineering

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We are so excited at Clarion to share some fantastic news with you about Jonathon Cota’s new job.

Job search hadn’t been going too well for Jonathon. He had been made redundant from his job as a Chemical Engineer. Despite looking and applying for everything he could think of he felt like he wasn’t getting anywhere. After a while, Jonathon was referred to national employment, learning and skills charity, Shaw Trust, to be supported on the Government’s Work Choice programme. Work Choice is a supported employment scheme designed specifically for people who, due to their disability, may find it difficult to find or keep a job. Shaw Trust works in partnership with Clarion to offer additional support to their deaf customers.

Jonathon was given regular, intensive, one-to-one support at Shaw Trust’s Manchester centre – on Chorlton Street – where he was assigned to work with Shaw Trust Employment Advisor, Channa Peters, and Clarion Communication Employment Consultant (CEC), Penny Wilson.

Penny says:

“When I first met Jonathon, I knew straight away from his personality that he was destined for a job that matched his level of skill, education and enthusiasm. Jonathon had achieved a degree in Chemical Engineering and had worked in that environment when he lived in Canada. When he moved to the UK he secured a role in the chemical engineering world again but was made redundant. He applied for several similar jobs afterwards but struggled to find another role in this field. This naturally had a negative impact on Jonathon’s confidence, leaving him despondent.

“Jonathon also had a number of bad experiences when trying to access various employment and back-to-work services, often not receiving the appropriate level of communication support that he required.

“Referred to Shaw Trust, Jonathon was delighted to learn that the charity was different and committed to helping him overcome the obstacles blocking his path to success. The charity made sure that I was booked for his very first appointment and each appointment thereafter. When we first met, I explained the work that I do with Clarion in partnership with Shaw Trust. Jonathon seemed genuinely excited. He was keen to learn.

“Jonathon had tried on a number of occasions to apply for various jobs both within and outside of Chemical Engineering. One of the roles he had applied for was an administrative role with Green Spaces and with Tameside Hospital. The feedback that Jonathon received was that other candidates had more experience than him. Not one to be beaten, Jonathon remedied this barrier by taking on some voluntary work at Tameside Hospital. From doing this and with our support he then secured a 20 hour contract with Tameside Hospital, within administration. Although this was a great achievement, this was not a long-term best use of Jonathon’s skills and experience. I could see that in his heart he felt he had settled for second best.

“Through networking with my own contacts I was able to arrange a meeting for Jonathan with a subsidiary of Veolia, a company called VW Westgarth, who specialise in chemical engineering. Jonathan and I sent back and forth emails, working on his CV and references, and then attended an interview in their Gloucester office. After this Jonathan was invited to visit their Glasgow office to have a look around. I am delighted that he has now been offered a full-time role to start as soon as possible, complete with a relocation package to Glasgow.

“I am genuinely very excited for Jonathan and his future. The job he has secured is a role that he can develop his skills in, and a place where he can call on others for advice and support. The company is amazingly deaf-aware, and consider Jonathon as a person of equal standing and not as a disabled person who is deaf. Seeing Jonathon achieve his goals and dreams for me is what being a CEC is all about.”

Joel Charles, a spokesperson for Shaw Trust, said, “Shaw Trust works with Clarion to support people into work through the government’s specialist disability employment programme, Work Choice. Clarion and our team in Manchester are making good progress in supporting disabled people to find sustainable employment. Through bespoke training and workshops the scheme is helping deaf jobseekers to improve their confidence and gain motivation to search for work independently. Each month Shaw Trust helps over 200 people start work through Work Choice.”

Jonathon is set to move to Glasgow to take up his new post. He has expressed his excitement about this new opportunity. Jonathon told us he is ‘overwhelmed’ at having a job and just wants to work hard and stay forever. When asked to give feedback on Clarion’s CEC Service, Jonathon rated it as ‘excellent’. He thanked Channa at Shaw Trust for all her support and paid particular tribute to Penny.

Jonathon said:

“I couldn’t have done it without her

[Penny]. She is the best and I am over the moon with how marvellous she is. She has encouraged me to look for the kind of work I am capable of rather than take any job. She understands my career goals as well as the realities of being deaf. She is very personable and has been a great help.”

jonathon cota

L-R: Channa Peters – Shaw Trust Advisor, Jonathon Cota, Penny Wilson – Clarion Communication Employment Consultant

For more information about Clarion’s employment support for deaf people, please click here.

You can read more success stories of deaf clients who have found jobs here.

7 10, 2014

Clarion Supports 100th Deaf Person into Employment

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Clarion are ecstatic to announce that we have just supported our 100th Person into employment!

We are absolutely delighted to tell you that Amanda Atkin has got a job as a Cleaner at Leeds University!

Amanda, an experienced cleaner, found it really difficult to get work when she moved to Leeds. Amanda feels her deafness was a real barrier.  For Amanda, being deaf meant that she was unable to independently job search, complete application forms and contact employers. When she did get through to employers she felt that her deafness ‘put them off’.  Amanda was signed up to the Work Programme and referred to Ingeus.  Ingeus are a Prime Contractor who work with Clarion using our Communication Employment Consultant (CEC) Model to support their deaf customers.

Amanda worked really closely with Rebecca, her Employment Advisor from Ingeus and Penny, her Communication Employment Consultant from Clarion to look for work. She attended regularly and even though it took some time Amanda stayed positive and worked hard to achieve her goal.

Tracie Redshaw, National Operations Manager, Clarion

“We are thrilled for Amanda, she has persistently worked hard to get a job, she has taken the knocks and got back up again.

I am delighted to be able to showcase our Communication Employment Consultant (CEC) model’s success.  We also introduced our new employment training earlier this year. Amanda was one of the first delegates to attend this through Ingeus who piloted this training in their Leeds Office.

The inspiration for our CEC model and the training we provide is a desire to guarantee that Prime Contractors delivering on the Work Programme and Work Choice were able to offer a quality affordable service to meet the needs of their Deaf customers.

This fantastic news is also testament to our wonderful Partners who understand the importance of working with us to ensure that Deaf people have full and equal access to their services”.

Amanda told us…

“I am pleased with the help I had from Penny, my CEC and from Ingeus Advisor Rebecca. They helped me to get a job at the University. The course for employment skills was also good. It gave me confidence for interview and helped me to know how to respond to questions with confidence.

I am happy to get a job; it is always different each day and keeps me busy. I feel now I can move on with my life and start to make plans for the future.”

Penny Wilson , Clarion Communication Employment Consultant explains…

“Amanda joined the program just over a year ago.  At first she was quiet and nervous. However, over time Amanda grew in confidence and began to blossom in the group, we began to see who Amanda really was and enjoy her witty sense of humour.  Amanda joined the group for the Employability Skills Course, she was again a little nervous, but very quickly found her feet and had some real positive and informative contributions to the discussion and the course. During the course we covered interview skills and did a mock interview, this was an area that Amanda had struggled with previously, but with our guidance was able to overcome her fears to give a very strong interview. This served her well when she went for her interview at the University, armed with her new confidence and an understanding on how to answer the questions that faced her; she managed to successfully secure a permanent position. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Amanda and I feel that she will continue to grow in her chosen occupation and be a valued member of the University team.”

Rebecca Cockerton, Ingeus Employment Advisor  told us “it has been so exciting to see Amanda’s confidence in herself grow as a result of the course.  She worked hard to maintain the momentum that the course gave her, which resulted in this job.  I am confident that she will be a valuable addition to the team at Leeds University.”

Amanda Atkin has got a job
11 08, 2014

Dominic is a Premier CEC client!

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With the help of Clarion’s CEC programme, Dominic is back at work

Dominic Murray has recently secured a 20 hour a week contract as a Housekeeper at the Premier Inn Preston.  Dominic who has never had a job before has been attending the Work Programme with A4e where he has been receiving joint support from his A4e Advisor Lizzie and his Communication Employment Consultant (CEC) from Clarion, Penny.

Dominic’s CEC Penny explained:

“I have only been working with Dominic since April.  It was clear straight away that there was going to be no problem in supporting Dominic into work.  He is a very likable and motivated person.  Dominic had a really positive attitude towards finding a job, he is extremely reliable, he attended every appointment on time and was always ready to work hard.  These are really good qualities that employers appreciate.

“We discussed the types of work that Dominic wants to do.  We agreed it would be best to have a short, medium and long term goal.  In the future, Dominic would love to work with the Fire Service.  He has some experience working on a voluntary basis working with Preston Fire Service where he was involved in a community project educating the deaf community about fire safety and in making sure they got fire alarms, flashing lights and vibrating pagers fitted into their homes.  This is something he would like to pursue in the future.  Dominic realises that in order to prepare himself for longer term goals he would need to do things like get some work experience, learn to drive.  He was also fed up of being on benefits and wanted to be able to go out with friends and book holidays.”

Tracy Dawson, Premier Inn,  who interviewed Dominic said:

“I have never employed a deaf person before and I have to say with the support from the Communication Employment Consultant from Clarion it has been the most pleasurable experience in all my 4 years working at Premier Inn.”

Dominic says this service is “fantastic – I wouldn’t have been able to get a job without this additional support.”

8 08, 2014

CEC client Matt is at the Range!

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Clarion supports another CEC client into work

Matthew Tomkinson has secured a job at the Range in Stoke on Trent.  Matt has been working with both Penny Allen , his Communication Employment Consultant from Clarion and his advisor Julia Kalksztayor from Shaw Trust  in Stoke on Trent.

Matt who had been unemployed for 6 years had been on job search programmes in the past.  Whilst he had used the traditional interpreter model to access these services he had never previously been able to access the additional employment support that the Communication Employment Consultant model offered.  Matt started to receive support from Clarion in April this year.

Matt told us,  “Penny helped me with everything.  She made telephone calls, supported me to fill in application forms, we did interview practice.  It really helped me to be more confident.”

Penny (Matt’s Communication Employment Consultant) explained:

“When I first looked at Matthew’s CV I could see that he is a very educated individual who should not have any difficulty in finding work.  It would be fair to say that when I first met Matt, he was a little frustrated and disappointed.  Our first conversation was around him and his needs, I wanted to know how I could best support him, his long term plans and to match him to a job that he was going to be happy at.  We discussed retail work as well as support work.   Very quickly after our first meeting Matt was able to secure an interview at Asda, although this interview was not successful it reaffirmed to Matt that this was the type of work that he wanted to do. was able with my help to set up work experience at The Range for Matt, luckily Matt already knew someone there and was happy to go.  He attended for four weeks and went about twice a week, he was able to demonstrate his commitment and focus for the job to which the manager recognised and offered him a 8 hour contract.  Matt was ecstatic that he had finally got a job, as he had said before he had been unemployed for a long time and was fed up with being on benefits.

“Since gaining his 8 hour contract his manager has now suggested that they increase that contract to 16 hours, Matt has agreed this and is waiting for his new contract to start.  He is overjoyed at the thought of being able to sign off benefits.

“Matt’s previous employment was mostly centred around electronics, he has some qualifications in this field and this is also something he also has a keen interest in.   When he is not working at the Range, Matt continues to attend Shaw Trust.   In addition to attending training sessions around job search, Shaw Trust have sourced an on-line course PAT testing certificate.   Matt’s long term goal is to start up his own PAT testing business, where he will assess electrical equipment meets legal standards.  This offers Matt another option to explore for the future.”

Julia added “Clarion has done a fantasic job with Matt.  Matt has been out of work for 6 years.   Since working with Penny he has:-

  • Attended a First Aid At Work Certificate
  • Received Manual Handling Training.
  • Experienced a 4 week work placement
  • Received an 8  hour contract which has been increased to 15 hours

The support from Penny at Clarion has had a major impact on Matt’s success.”

We all wish Matt every success in his new role and for his future goals and ambitions.

Well done Matt!

10 06, 2014

Irosony is working at Wetherspoon’s!

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Irosony Adamu Oliveira Aguiar has been working with our Communication Employment Consultant Donna Campbell and is delighted to have been offered a job as a cleaner at Wetherspoon’s in Putney. Irosony is registered with CDG/Shaw Trust, Brixton, who work in partnership with Clarion to make their services accessible. Irosony had been unemployed for almost 3 years, and although he had been actively looking for work during this time, he was finding it really difficult due to the barriers linked to his deafness. Donna met with Irosony and his Employment Advisor at CDG/Shaw Trust regularly.

Donna explained:

“For the first part of the appointment I would facilitate communication between Irosony and his Employment Advisor. The remainder of the appointment would then be spent working on a 1:1 basis with Irosony to carry out job searches, complete application forms and mock interviews. Irosony would contact me with any jobs he found so that he did not miss the deadline of any opportunities.”

Having become more confident in carrying out independent job searches, Irosony found a job on the JD Weatherspoon website. Donna supported him in completing the application form and he was delighted when, within two days of completing the application form, he was invited to interview.

Donna arranged and attended the interview. She was on hand to discuss any areas of concern that the employer may have, particularly regarding health and safety. Donna gave the employer advice and support and explained about Access to Work; Government funding which is available to support with the additional costs of employing a person who is deaf.

The interview was successful. Irosony clearly demonstrated the interview techniques he had learned whilst working with Donna and he was offered a shift trial which went extremely well. Once this had been completed, Irosony was offered a position. Irosony was supported through staff induction training and Donna supported him to set up his Access to Work Agreement.

Irosony is working at Wetherspoons

Irosony told us:

“I am very happy because I GOT a job ☺ I am so pleased now I am no longer on benefits – and I have more money now I am working. I am very happy with all the help I got from Donna. She practiced interviews with me and came along to support me. This made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you to Donna and to Clarion.”