National Overview. March 2014.

We think we are delivering a great sustainable employment service for deaf people that gets results. In addition, as the largest specialist provider on the Work Programme (we have over 20 contracts), we are also in a unique position in terms of getting a national overview on what’s going on and taking back that information to the decision makers, policy makers and the big players in the Welfare to Work Industry.

So this is what we are involved in:

We are working in partnership with the British Deaf Association, Action on Hearing Loss, UK Council on Deafness, Royal Association for the Deaf, Action Deafness and others to submit a paper on the experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people on the Work Programme – making sure even if deaf people are not receiving our services, that good practice and accessibility are always on the agenda.

We have a place on the Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) forum which has the following purpose:

  1. To lead the development of ERSA policy in relation to all aspects of disability employment services, including recommendations relating to current and future disability employment provision.
  2. To ensure that overall market stewardship is such that members are able to meet the employment needs of people with disabilities effectively.
  3. To explore and develop policy linkages between the Government’s policy on disability employment services and other areas of public policy e.g. welfare reform, health services and skills services.
  4. To provide a forum for best practice sharing on disability employment support, linking through to the professionalization agenda led by the Institute of Employability Professionals.

We have recently been invited to be on the JCP SI (sensory impairment) working group to consider ways to improve DWP service provision for individuals with SI as well as job outcomes, placement and retention of employment.

And finally Clarion are on the UK Council of Deafness/Access to Work working group whose purpose is to:

  • Ensure deaf ATW users are provided with the most effective and efficient service, by providing support and guidance to DWP, helping maximise the value of resources available.
  • Raise awareness within DWP on issues around choice and control to ensure quality of service offered meets the needs of deaf people.
  • Support DWP in their aim to find a balance between costs of support and quality, i.e. help with ensuring that spend adds value and has a measurable social return on investment.