Clarion UK provides award winning employment support for deaf people, in partnership with Prime Contractors across the UK. Working with us means that you can be confident your service is fully accessible and with our model of employment support for Deaf people your customers are supported back into sustained employment.

Communication Employment Consultants

We do this by supplying Communication and Employment Consultants (CECs) who are qualified Communication Professionals with employment advisor skills and knowledge. As well as providing your staff and deaf customers with communication support, our CECs will add value by working in partnership with you to deliver a range of job-seeking activities.

Clarion UK provides an award winning employment service for:

  • Prime Contractors delivering Work Programme and Work Choice
  • Local Authorities delivering employability programmes
  • Housing Associations supporting tenants back into employment
  • Adult Education Work Skills Courses

For more information:

Read case studies from people who have recently secured employment after receiving our award winning employment support for deaf people.

Read how CECs view their work with deaf job seekers.

The CEC was launched in 2011. If you are interested in learning more about where the idea for providing employment support for deaf people came from read 'The inspiration for the CEC model'.

Read about our ERSA Supply Chain Partner of the Year award.

Employment Support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Our employment support for deaf people is results driven and delivered with passion.


Let us give your organisation a hand

If you would like more information on our employment support for deaf people then please contact Bob Marsh on 01763 209001 or email

We are here to make the process easy, the first time and every time after that!

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What our clients say

We are really excited that Clarion UK are part of our specialised supply chain as they bring a fresh approach to supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. Their new Communication and Employment model delivers on the Government's pledge to provide tailored support that meets the needs of individuals through the Work Programme.
Louise Preston, Ingeus
Without this support my deaf client would be at serious disadvantage in their search for employment.
Gilbert Hammond, Bootstrap
I would be unable to provide comprehensive support to my Deaf client without the service Clarion UK provides.
Mike Baker, Ingeus
The CEC from Clarion UK does everything she can to help our deaf clients to give them equal opportunities and a fair chance.
Julie-Anne Logan, Seetec
CECs have helped our customers gain confidence and opened up new opportunities for them to access. I would gladly call on their services again.
Frank Pascal, A4e
Increased my confidence in communicating in working with the deaf, as well as the deaf community working with the trust.
Marie Hall, Papworth Trust
Not only would I recommend the CEC model to colleagues, I already have.
Rob Sanders, Ingeus
The 'extra mile' provided by the Clarion UK service epitomises the difference between Standard & First Class.
Alan Burniston, A4e
Quality interpreting and assisting with employability skills and job brokerage. I would highly recommend Clarion to anyone needing support!
Aldo Collu, Reed
Clarion UK has supported our customers including helping someone to receive the benefits entitled to and giving our customers confidence and support in a way that our advisors are unable to. Excellent feedback and communication with the advisor concerned with the customers being supported. A very worthwhile service.
Maureen Howard, In Training
The CEC advisors are unique as they are qualified communication professionals who understand the issues faced by deaf people and can support the customer in ensuring that they receive the appropriate Access to Work support to enable them to sustain employment.
Carol Green, National Partner Manager, Specialist Partners
Clarion UK have provided a consistent service to our deaf/hard of hearing clients for three years now and have been proactive in reviewing their provision to ensure it meets the needs of the Work Programme and our clients. They genuinely care about the clients they work with and are committed to helping individuals to enhance their lives through sustainable work.
Sarah Ager, Contracts Manager Ingeus
Without Clarion UK's expert intervention we would have struggled to manage. They are able to confidently challenge prejudice and barriers and have provided vital support around the DDA, reasonable adjustment, assistive technology and Access to Work.
Dave Wylie, Work Programme Manager, Bootstrap
I have worked in the welfare sector for over 15 years and this is the best service and support I have had available to me to help deaf clients move nearer and into employment.
Pamela Millard, Employment Advisor Ingeus