Clarion UK provides professional, experienced and qualified court approved British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters to solicitors across the UK.

court approved BSL interpreters

We understand your needs and the context you operate in

Clarion UK is an established and experienced provider of sign language and communication services to The Ministry of Justice in magistrates, county and crown courts. We also work with Victim Support, the Crown Prosecution Service and a number of police authorities and solicitors around the UK. We will make sure that every deaf client you support through a court process is able to have equality of access to proceedings; before during and after a trial, receiving legal aid or as a private client.

When you're working, we're working!

We operate on a 24/7 basis every day of the year and are glad to report a 98% fulfillment rate on all  requests for court approved BSL interpreters.

You can be confident about the communication professionals we provide and the level of services you receive

All of our interpreters are fully qualified and registered with the NRCPD, our industry standards watchdog, to the highest level which is RSLI. They all have extensive experience of interpreting within the criminal justice system and other legal settings and are CRB checked at enhanced level. We can also supply  court approved BSL interpreters that have security clearance at CTC, SC or DV level.

We can supply additional forensic services that you may require for your deaf clients

Our experience and services within the criminal justice system are broader than communication support. Here are some examples:

  • Expert witnesses
  • Deaf intermediaries
  • Video transcription
  • Forensic lip readers
  • Foreign sign language interpreters
  • Deaf relay interpreters

We add value – through our signposting and capacity building activities

Signposting – Clarion UK work in partnership across the UK with other deaf professionals and services and we can signpost you to additional deaf forensic services that your clients may require. Here are some examples:

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Assessments
  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Mental Capacity Act Assessments
  • Advice to Courts

Capacity Building – We offer free and ongoing capacity building and deaf awareness to all of our customers in the legal sector.  You can expect regular updates and advice in terms of legal good practice when working with deaf clients.

Services for the Legal Profession

Providing communication professionals and other forensic deaf services to the legal sector anytime of the day or night.



If you would like further information about Clarion UK, learn more about our legal aid rates or to make a booking please contact our legal desk on 01763 209001 or email for a fast and helpful response.


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What our clients say

Excellent, the BSL interpreter was outstanding in all respects – one of the best communication professionals we've come across.
Immigration Judge, Ministry of Justice Tribunals Service