One of our Deaf clients has bagged herself a job after being out of work for 27 years.

After being out of work since the age of 18 (now 45) with three weeks voluntary work experience in between, Deborah has found herself a job as a school cleaner with the help of one of Clarion’s Communication and Employment Consultants (CEC).

The Story:

Deborah had two barriers when it came to finding work; alongside her hearing loss, a brain tumour at the age of two left her with learning difficulties and subsequent low literacy skills. Despite being keen to get a job, she had convinced herself that she was unemployable. When Louise, our CEC, met her for the first time, she was in tears due to the frustration and upset of not being able to find a job; looking for jobs was beyond her ability.

The Journey:

Those tears soon turned to tears of relief after Louise explained to her and the advisor how Clarion could help!

Her confidence grew week by week, using the computer to conduct job searches together, creating her CV and cover letters to match job applications, applying for every job they found and gaining a few interviews. Practising interview techniques helped increase her confidence even more and she was offered an interview at a school.

After a successful interview for a school cleaner, she was offered a day’s trial; having a few wobbles of self-doubt, after a little encouragement she plucked up the courage to go – thrilled with herself, she got the job! Many congratulations!

Since being offered the job, Deborah has applied, with the help of Louise, for Access to Work to help her in various parts of her job.

Louise commented:

“Ingeus have been marvellous and the advisor was so supportive…. At our last appointment, Deborah gave me a bunch of flowers and a card thanking me”

We wish Deborah every success in the future with her new job and look forward to now supporting her in her new role through Access to Work.

Deborah was convinced she couldn’t have done it with the support of Clarion’s CEC and Ingeus. Does this story sound familiar? Do you know of someone who could benefit from a CEC? Would you like to know how Clarion can support you?

If you want to find out more about how we can support you or your Deaf/hard of hearing customers into work on Government employment programmes, including the new Specialist Employability Support (SES) please get in touch with Bob Marsh – Clarion’s UK Business Development Manager, who is Deaf himself and leads on our National employability support for Deaf people.

Clarion's CEC

Louise with her card and flowers from Deborah