Deafblind Awareness Week (23rd to 29th June) aims to raise awareness about deafblindness and to increase support for deafblind people and their families.

Here’s a roundup of links for you to explore further:

  • Sense, the national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind are featuring deafblind people’s stories each day.
  • Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are marking Deafblind Awareness Week by celebrating 10 years of working together to produce 25 very special assistance dog partnerships.
  • Deafblind UK, who champion the rights and interests of all people who are deafblind or have a combined sight and hearing loss, have a web page for Deafblind Awareness Week with links to real life stories and an awareness infographic.
  • Deafblind enablement, an organisation dedicated to enabling people who live with a sight and hearing loss to learn new skills, develop existing skills, and gain access to their community and existing services, have published an article by Dr Philip Gafga, Consultant on Deafblindness, encouraging people to think about what it might be like to lose either sight or hearing and how it would affect them.

And if you want to follow the action on Twitter, you can use the tags #deafblindaware and #DBAW2014.