The purpose of this document is to set out the policy and procedure for clients, customers, suppliers and partners who may wish to comment, complain or complement Clarion UK about the products and services we provide.


Clarion UK welcomes and encourages feedback about our products and services and the people who provide them. We view this as a positive method for continually reviewing and improving the way we do business.

We will endeavour to provide clients, customers, suppliers and partners with a clear understanding of the products and services offered and a simple procedure for making positive suggestions about improving them.

We aim to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. However, it is inevitable that our levels of service and quality of products may not always meet our clients’ expectations. Under such circumstances they must have the confidence and means to share their concerns with us, and the knowledge we will investigate shortcomings quickly, fairly and objectively.

We will:

* Respond to all complaints within 48 hours of receipt.

* Be courteous, sympathetic and respectful at all times.

* Provide feedback on progress where it is appropriate to do so.

* Ensure all Clarion UK personnel are familiar and compliant with this policy and procedure.

* Review this policy regularly, and report against its performance quarterly.


The procedure is to be followed in the event of a comment or complaint about a member of staff or anyone representing Clarion UK, including freelance service providers.

First Stage: Informal complaint or comment

Where it is appropriate, the complainant should raise their concern directly with the person responsible for the matter, or his or her supervisor.

It is our experience that most issues can be quickly and amicably resolved by engaging in dialogue at the earliest opportunity.

If this fails to resolve the issue, the complainant should invoke the second stage of this procedure and raise a formal complaint.

Second Stage: Formal complaint or comment

Where the client wishes to make a formal complaint the following procedure must be followed:

1. The complainant must complete a Client Feedback Form available by email or post from any member of Clarion UK staff and returned to Sally Chalk, CEO either by email or post1.

2. The form should be requested, completed and returned as soon as the matter arises to avoid any undue delay which may adversely affect an investigation and subsequent outcome. The complainant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the form by Clarion UK within two working days.

3. The CEO will nominate a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) to investigate the complaint, or for more serious matters, and those made against a member of the SMT, investigate it herself. The investigation will normally be completed within five working days of receipt.

4. The responsible manager will conduct a diligent and thorough investigation and keep all parties appropriately informed throughout the process.

5. The outcome of the investigation will be communicated to the complainant within ten working days of the complaint being received by Clarion UK.


If the complainant wishes to appeal against the outcome of the investigation he or she must submit the grounds for their appeal in writing to the CEO within five working days of receiving the letter confirming the outcome.

Following a review by the CEO of the grounds of the appeal (or by a member of the SMT2 if it was the CEO who conducted the earlier investigation), the outcome will be communicated to the complainant within ten working days of receiving the appeal letter.

For complaints made against a member of staff not regulated or registered by a professional organisation the appeal decision will be final.

If the complainant wishes to appeal against a final decision about a member of staff regulated by, or registered with, a professional organisation they may raise the matter later through the appropriate professional or registration bodies’ Code of Conduct and/or Complaints Procedure. Further details of these can be obtained from Clarion UK or by contacting the National Register of Communication Professionals with Deaf & Deafblind People (NRCPD).

If the complaint is against a non-communication professional, Clarion UK staff can provide details of the appropriate body to which the complaint should be registered.

1. Complainants may also submit their comments by video letter.

2. In exceptional circumstances Clarion UK may appoint an independent arbitrator to investigate and adjudicate on the matter.