“No sales pitch, please” – The Clarion Approach to Training

Earlier this year, we were approached by a Needs Assessment Centre who asked us for “Not a sales pitch” but instead a “Warts and All” story, consisting of:

  • An accurate portrayal of a student’s journey with us.
  • An honest account of what it’s like for us as an agency.
  • Our ultimate aims and ideals for specialist provision, compared to the reality of the situation.

They told us that their staff already knew about specialist provision so they didn’t need to be told again and that they were tired of hearing the same slick pitches that had very little substance behind the hype. What they really wanted was to meet us, and hear the true (carefully redacted) stories. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Throughout Winter, we have been rolling out this new approach to training for Needs Assessment Centres and it’s gone down very well. Personal feedback from individual Needs Assessors has been invaluable. One example:

“This was a great end to the week and really refreshing not be sold a product, but to get some honesty. You made us all laugh as well.”

If you would like us to pay a visit and share your students’ authentic journey once they finish their studies, ‘warts and all’, we would be more than pleased to do so. Alternatively, we would also be proud to present our more traditional training for working with students who are Deaf and hearing impaired, just no slick pitches, we promise!

If so, please get in touch.

Sally Chalk 

Chief Executive Officer

Email: sally@clarion-uk.com

Tel: 01763 209001

Mobile: 07976 939122

For more information visit: clarionukstudentsupport.com

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