We heard in the news last week that we are to have yet another 'shake up' to the GCSE grade boundaries. Pass marks are to be raised again in a new nine to one number system – nine being the highest and one being the lowest. This new grading system is to bring England up to the same standard as other countries such as Finland, Canada and the Netherlands.

Currently, grades below C are still officially considered a pass, however, the new grading system states that students will have to obtain a Grade 5 (equivalent to a low B, high C) to be considered a 'good pass.'

Although changes do not come into force until 2017, exams are said to become 'more rigorous' from September this year. This announcement of grade changes follows another announcement made a week previously that said pupils must sit English, Maths, Science, History OR Geography, and a language at GCSE.

With only 36.3% of Deaf children in England reaching GCSE benchmarks compared to 65.3% of their peers, according to DfE statistics in 2014, will this new change make it even harder to Deaf and disabled students to achieve as well as their peers? We hope not!

With that in mind, why not download our new Education Leaflet and see how we can help students achieve academic success.

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