Sonia Musselwhite started with Wilkinson’s in Reading after being out of work for five years. She started working with Clarion and The Shaw Trust in 2012 and at that point was a woman returner, young and Deaf. When she first started working with our employment service, she was very unconfident and nervous even at the thought of interviews. However, she attended a job club that was run by us and The Shaw Trust. She then attended an open day at Wilkinson’s where they were looking to fill 20 vacancies. From The Shaw Trust only 3 people were put forward and only Sonia secured a position. Stacey Legg from The Shaw Trust was extremely impressed with the CEC model, particularly the pre-interview techniques.

She said “the support is invaluable and the CEC went the extra mile, even walking with Sonia to Wilkinson’s as she was unsure how to get there”

She then applied for and got two jobs. The second was with the ambulance service and Sonia was in a good position so this one was turned down and she chose the one at Wilkinson’s.

She went from not being confident, unemployed and not knowing if she could sell herself at interview to being offered two jobs. Sonia explained that she has since learned new skills linked with her job and her confidence has greatly improved.

“Clarions’ job club allowed me to discuss how to search for a job and get two!”

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