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NRCPD, the registering body for BSL interpreters, is currently going through a programme called Strengthening Registration. The aim is to strengthen the process to bring it closer to the standards expected of a professional regulator and they want to involve everyone affected and listen to what people have to say.

What have they done so far?

Surveyed communication agencies. They asked agencies if they support the NRCPD aim of statutory regulation. This means that someone could only call themselves a sign language interpreter if they were registered.

42 organisations responded. 83 per cent said they supported the NRCPD aim of statutory regulation. 15 per cent weren’t sure. And only one said they didn’t support the aim. It means communication agencies are as concerned about safety and quality as everyone else.

Developed a plan for listening to  deaf and deafblind people,  communication professionals and people that use and pay for BSL Interpreters.

Met with VLP, ALSI and deaf and deafblind people to discuss what they are doing.

Attended Deaf Day at City Lit.

Found support for statutory regulation from the British Deaf Association, the Royal Association for Deaf People, SignHealth and Action on Hearing Loss.

Continued to compare their standards against those expected of a regulator, to work to improve the complaints procedure , code of conduct; and completed the first audit of CPD.

Next steps. The Board will meet in July to consider progress:

  • hear what deaf and deafblind people have been saying
  • hear how they are  doing compared with the standards expected of a regulator
  • think about the future composition of the Board.

In September, the Board will decide some specific ideas for the future of NRCPD and registration. They will then ask stakeholders what they think about those proposals.

If you have any questions or want to comment on anything, or about NRCPD in general, please feel free to contact them.