Electronic Notetaking Training – Accredited by OCN London

Do you have a strong typing speed, a good command of English & technology and enjoy helping people? Are you looking for a job that allows you to tailor your schedule? You should consider training to become an Electronic Notetaker!

Professional Notetakers are in high demand as more and more deaf students are turning to Electronic Notetakers for support at University.

Note-able Notetakers Ltd’s training equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to get started in a challenging and rewarding role. Learning with experienced tutors in a friendly, supportive environment, you will be working towards a recognised professional qualification.

Date, Location & Cost:

  • 3rd– 5th January 2018 at The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield, S1 4FW
  • Cost: £950

“The skills learned (on this course) are a compliment to my current role. As a dedicated Interpreter, it’s useful to be able to offer alternative skills…We had knowledgeable trainers currently engaged and active within the profession and a wonderful cohort. The venue was superb and we were in a beautiful, uninterrupted learning environment.” 

Bobs Blackwell, Interpreter

“Notetaking is an appealing profession as it’s fully flexible and I can choose the shifts to suit my schedule. Furthermore, it allows me to sit in on a wide variety of interesting lectures…I was impressed by the experience of the teachers and how they applied it to teaching the course. Their first hand experience helped illustrate the points they were making and justify the lessons given.” 

Dan, Digital Art Graduate

To download an application form for the course click here.

For more information visit: www.note-ablenotetakers.co.uk/#courses .

Introduction for Lipspeakers in Courts & Legal Settings

The aims of the course are:

To provide lipspeakers with an understanding of some of the issues and dilemmas that may arise when lipspeaking in courts and other legal settings and outline some of the coping strategies that may be available to them.

To help lipspeakers better understand and deal with court/barrister questioning techniques and styles.

To give lipspeakers an opportunity to practise their skills in a ‘live’ situation and get feedback on their work.

The course will be run by Byron Campbell who has a long standing working relationship with lipspeakers and Dilys Palin, who has a long experience of lipspeaking in this field, will be the lipspeaking facilitator.

Date, Location & Cost:

Dates: Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th March 2018
Cost: This course is non-profit making course and will cost £300
Venue: The course will be held in Birmingham

For more information visit: clarion-uk.com/lipspeakers-working-in-courts/

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