A Massive “Thank You” to all our Partners

You, our partners, are the lifeblood of our company. As BSL/English Interpreters, Language Support Professionals, Communication Employment Consultants and NMH (Education) providers, we really value what you do for us and our clients day after day, night after night and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

I am sure you have noticed we have been busier than normal and that we are making some changes to the way we work; for example, we are doing more communications on-line and we are asking you to fit in with the way we work more than before. I wanted to provide the context for these changes and also let you know what you have achieved as part of the Clarion UK team in 2017.


We delivered 19,546 bookings in the last 12 months, that’s an average of 85 bookings per working day. In November and December 2017 alone, we delivered 4249 bookings – an average of 106 bookings
per working day.


We worked with over 80 Deaf and hard of hearing students at over 50 Universities and Colleges around the UK. You helped us to provide over 25,000 hours of interpreting, notetaking and specialist support for Deaf students doing 65 different types of degrees or Further Education qualification. In total, if we include those students with mental health issues, sensory impairments, physical and specific learning disabilities we worked with 540 students and we needed a pool of 265 suppliers to do this. The DSAQAG accreditation has been difficult, by far the hardest project we have done and we have asked a lot of you –thank you for all your

Legal Work

We did 6,435 legal bookings during the whole year, an average of 28 assignments for each working day for Crown, Magistrates and County Courts, Tribunals, Prisons, Solicitors, The Probation Service, Police Authorities, Victim Support and The Crown Prosecution Service with an average of 99.5% fulfilment and no complaints. Our legal team consists of 150 BSL Interpreters, Deaf Interpreters, Lipspeakers, Deafblind Interpreters and STTR. In the first year of the MoJ contract, the quality is shining through.


We did 3,783 health bookings, 16 per day. Since the demise of Pearl, this has decreased to 13 per day but we have picked up other health clients. Delightfully, we have provided interpreters for 9 hospital births.


In total, during 2017 we worked with 908 different suppliers, paying them on time every week – we have paid 532 of these in the last two months alone. As a comparison,  in 2016 we worked with just 540 suppliers. This represents:

  • Total payments of slightly over £2,100,000
  • 11,700 individual transactions on…
  • 52 payment runs and…
  • 10 emergency ones for those that needed paying quickly

We know that this large increase in work has been significant and generally we have managed it without too much conflict or mistakes. When things do go wrong, we try to fix things as quickly as possible, apologise if we did make a mistake and negotiate to find a clear solution that satisfies all parties.

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