If you’ve been lucky enough to not receive the daily stream of emails regarding the General Data Protection Regulations that are coming into force today, 25th May, then well done for keeping yourself unplugged.

A big thank you to everyone who got back to us on our GDPR correspondence. If you are yet to respond please check your inbox for correspondence from bethany.jamieson@clarion-uk.com.

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What do you need to know as a Freelancer?

  • You have a personal responsibility to be aware of the changes and impact of GDPR.
  • You must ensure any personal data that Clarion UK shares with you is handled with care and used only for the purpose it was shared.
  • No personal data should be passed on without the consent of the client through Clarion UK.
  • Any breach of Clarion UK data must be reported and passed on to the Data Protection Officer Sarah Beaumont within 24 hours of the breach occurring.

How can you prepare for GDPR as a Freelancer?

  • Review the data you currently have – Is the data you keep necessary and secure? If not, it’s time to securely delete the information.
  • Plan a data audit check so you know what data you have stored, this is also important in case data is lost or stolen so you know what data to report as a breach.
  • Do you have the correct software to prevent against viruses?
  • Do you share a computer with family members? Is your freelance work kept secure and password protected?
  • Are your passwords secure and changed regularly?
  • Do you use a private VPN when in a public space?

Is it all really necessary?

The GDPR will affect and apply to anyone who collects data from UK/EU citizens. The Information Commissioner’s Office will want to see that as a small business/freelancer you can demonstrate what you have put in place to protect personal data held.

We are all involved in having our data processed and knowing that everyone is doing their best to be transparent and clear is the best policy!

If you have any questions regarding GDPR please don’t hesitate to contact me at Sarah.beaumont@clarion-uk.com
01763 207903

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