Thanks to all our suppliers and partners, Clarion UK is having its busiest year, driving sustained growth of over 100 bookings per day with a 24 hour turnaround time and with 98-100% fulfilment.  We have also had three audits from the Ministry of Justice, Department of Education and Department of Work and Pensions.  Now Summer is here, we have time to turn our heads to the Autumn and plans for future growth. 

In order to achieve our vision and dreams, we need to improve the way that we communicate with you and what we ask of you.  We will therefore be sending out on a weekly basis; news about the company, new contracts that we have won, company and contract performance,  training, information about average charges, pay rate increases in some areas, supplier fees changes over the years and how we are using technology to communicate and deliver our services.   We will also be letting you know about what we need from you to ensure that we

  1. Have the best vetted and experienced team and
  2. Have a finance department that runs at full throttle – with money in the bank so that you get paid on time throughout the year. 

We need feedback from yourselves as well and we take it very seriously.  You can contact us through all the normal ways and also through our feedback site here – its’s just 6 easy clicks.

Finally, we will be changing the way we talk about you.  We have all these different terms: 

And, frankly, for a company with clarity at the heart of what we do, we are getting more and more confused and so are our clients.  From now on, when we speak to people, you will be, simply, our partners. As a result of your service, flexibility and professionalism we hope we can take our partnership from one that is good, to one that is best in class.  Thank You and here’s to the future.