Ministry of Justice Performance

We wanted to keep you up to date with performance of our contract for the justice sector across the UK, running since November 2016. These bookings are across all Courts, Tribunals, Public Sector Prisons, Probation and the Crown Prosecution Service in England and Wales.

Our legal office also deals with Police bookings across the UK, has an Out of Hours service, Solicitors bookings as well as bookings for Victim Support, Cafcass and Crown Prosecution Services.

Our fulfilment target set by the Ministry of Justice was 96% for the first three months, then 98% after January 2017.

To break it down over the year, it is as follows:

This is one of the most crucial measures and we are pleased to say, we are hitting between 99.5%- 100% consistently.  This is calculated by looking at all the bookings we get, taking away those that are cancelled with no charge then working out the percentage of how many we filled. This gives us (and other suppliers) the fulfilment rate.  

Bob Marsh has been delivering Deaf Awareness Training to 24 bookings officers in London and we kicked this off during Deaf Awareness Week.  

Feedback has also been good, this was from one of the courts last month…

“Thank you for your services yesterday. I found the experience very positive; the speed of your response to our request was very good and was painless when speaking to your offices. Your focus on customer service was refreshingly driven”

And, critically, feedback about our legal partners, interpreters, lip-speakers, deaf interpreters and STTR has been positive. Typical feedback is…

“The interpreter’s confidence in delivery, situational awareness, management of emotions and professionalism was all excellent and their fluency & coherence was good. So all in all the clerk and Judge were impressed by the way the interpreter handled themselves”.

It is fair to say that we are pleased with the way this significant contract is going, and in the largest part this is down to the professionalism, skill and dedication of the teams that go out day after day in all weathers, at all hours, to deliver for clients.  

However, there is still work to be done, as a team we need to:

a)  Improve getting our partners’ bills and time sheets in on time.
b)  Improve our Deaf Relay Assessment so that it is available for all who want to work in the legal sector, within a reasonable time frame.
c)  Continue with our training, development and mentoring. 

If you’re interested in joining our legal team, contact

(Image: Recent court training with Byron Campbell in Cardiff)

What is Mystery Shopping and how does “Lot 4” work ?

Mystery Shopping was brought in after the first contract in order to bring quality control to the whole of interpreting in the justice sector.  It is ran independently by Newham Language Shop and they are responsible for the quality of work with Deaf people (Lot 3) as well as all language interpreting (Lot 1) and translations (Lot 2).

Newham Language Shop hold the register on behalf of the Ministry of Justice of all approved suppliers. If you are on it, it  means you have passed all the basic,  mandatory checks including NRCPD registration (where relevant), references, Enhanced DBS and proof of address to be able to work for the Ministry of Justice.

They have two assessors for BSL, qualified and experienced BSL/English Interpreters  and “mystery shop” about 1 BSL assignment per week. There are currently no assessors for lipspeakers, STTR, Deaf Relay Interpreters or Deafblind Interpreters. You can see more information here: and here is an overview of how the mystery shopping and assessment process works.In conclusion, this is a new way of working and any feedback would be gratefully received.  We would also like to thank all our partners, stakeholders and internal staff for their dedication and hard work at making this a success. 

For more details, please contact or Newham Language Shop.