Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our Partner Survey or attend one of the Focus Groups we ran in London and Birmingham. It was fantastic meeting you and the feedback we received has been useful in improving how we work. As a result, we are making some changes.


Five things we are doing differently…


You said:

  1. “Clarion UK only accept NRCPD Registered BSL/Interpreters”

And we are now working with Interpreters who are registered with RBSLI following a meeting between RBSLI and the Ministry of Justice.

  1. We want webinars as part of the induction process”

In the Autumn we will be running monthly webinars for all new partners. This will be a chance to discover information about the company as well as discuss our Terms & Conditions and working practices.

  1. “I feel unsure and isolated in my role”

We are in the process of setting up a buddy system, so you can meet with colleagues to discuss, share ideas and support each other.

  1. “I would like more sophisticated reporting”

We are introducing a new Microsoft Dynamics system from September which will be rolled out in phases going into the New Year, including a smoother bookings and invoicing process. Beth Jamieson will be sending out a separate email with a full explanation of the new system.

  1.  “We would like to be able to use online timesheets”

Once the new system is in place, it will have full capability for electronic signed timesheets on smartphones and tablets. (This is being rolled out with the Education Sector first).


Five things we will do more of…


You said:

  1. “70% of us don’t feel like part of the Clarion UK team.”

We want you to feel like part of the team and will be keeping you up to date on new staff members, training and job opportunities.

  1. “I want to know if you have met with Student Finance England to discuss recent changes to travel” 

We are working with 27 agencies in the UK to tackle this as well as talking to Student Finance England to discuss this.

  1. “52% of us don’t feel that our work efforts are recognised/appreciated”

We will be doing more to recognise and celebrate the hard work that you continue to deliver with Thank You cards and writing up success stories (with your permission).

  1. “We want Clarion UK to be more involved in our Continuing Professional Development (CPD)”

We will be supporting you in your CPD, sourcing face to face seminars, training and online courses. This will be starting as soon as possible following discussions with DSA QAG.

  1. “We would like a greater volume of work”

Our sales team is working across the UK trying to win work in Employment, Health, Legal and Education sectors as well as develop new services such as remote Speech To Text Reporting.

For detailed feedback, take a look at our 12 page report or download it here Partner-Survey-and-Focus-Group-Feedback-August-2018.pdf (48 downloads)

Partner Survey and Focus Group Feedback
If you kindly completed the Partner Survey online, just drop me a line at to let me know you took part and I will enter you into a prize draw.


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