I am sure you have noticed that the number of bookings we are sending out at the moment is high – 20% more than last September – and we are currently doing 80 bookings per day. As a result we have made some changes to the way that we work:

  1. Batching and timing our open bookings emails. We are now sending these out 2x per day, once around 10am and another at around 3pm. These will be sent out by region: North West, Eastern, Central, Scotland, Wales, South West, South East and London. Short notice bookings will be dealt with immediately. All replies to bookings from our interpreters and communication professionals will be responded to, whether the booking has been filled or not, but you only need to tell us if you can fill a job, no need to reply if you can't.
  1. Calling the office.  If you have problems getting to your booking and we can help or have a query that cannot be answered, please call the relevant bookings officer directly:
Team Bookings Officer Number
Education Magda 01763 207916
Education Rhianne 01763 207917
Health Gemma 01763 207915
Health Emily 01763 207919
Legal Sue 01763 207901
Legal Paula 01763 207908
Legal Sam 01763 207903
Employment Caroline 01763 207904
Operations  Lorna 01763 207906

If you call the main number – 01763 209001 #1 please be ready with who you would like to speak to, your client/team and precise details of your problem. 

  1. “Did not arrives” – the number of interpreters that didn’t turn up for their bookings was running high at the beginning of the year. However out of 1500 bookings this September, we only had 5 interpreters that did not arrive, signalling a great success in this area. It seems like our reminders are working and we will continue this way of working for the foreseeable future. We extend an enormous and heartfelt “Thank You” to those of you how turn up every day into unknown or challenging situations at far-flung outposts of the UK.
  1. Escalation Process in case of queries, problems or issues.  We try to operate as a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) with honesty, transparency and integrity – apologising when we make mistakes and sorting stuff out whenever possible. Sometimes we feel like a two headed Janus – facing our interpreting teams on one side and our clients on the other and all the fun that that entails.

We take feedback through any source including Twitter, Facebook and Linked In but we do find that a quick a phone call is often the best way to resolve any issues that you may have. In terms of our more formal process, this is as follows.

For a Legal bookings: Paula 01763 207908 For Education bookings: Magda 01763 207916
Health:  Gemma 01763 207917 Employment:  Bob Marsh 01763 207900
Then:  Lorna 01763 207906 For a problem with your invoice or any questions about the supplier portal: Tim Roke 01763 207902

Anything else: Sally 01763 207905

I hope this is useful information. If you have other information or questions that you would like to see in these weekly updates, please let us know.