Deaf Awareness Training

We offer training to support Deaf employees, clients and customers. Our Deaf Awareness Trainers will give you an insight into the Deaf world and will use examples drawn from their own experiences to highlight the barriers that the Deaf and those with hearing loss face. Our standard training covers these core subjects:

  • Terminology and types of deafness and hearing loss
  • Deaf statistics
  • Medical and social models of disability
  • The Equality Act 2010 and definitions of disability
  • Deaf culture and language
  • Basic communication tactics
  • Working with communication professionals

Once your team has completed the training they will be able to: communicate comfortably and confidently with Deaf customers and staff, identify issues and improve access to your products and services, understand who to apply the Equality Act 2010 and really help Deaf colleagues feel supported, equal and included adding to overall business success.

We can also offer bespoke training sessions. We offer standard full- and half- day packages that are competitively priced and can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Our training can be delivered to groups of up to 16 people, at a venue and time convenient for you.

We are also able to incorporate our Deaf Awareness Training into your organisation’s existing staff CPD or induction training programme.

All participants receive an attendance certificate and learning materials to review when needed.

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