Workplace Assessments

Everyone is entitled to the right support that will allow them to carry out their job role effectively. Clarion UK offer workplace assessments to employers and occupational health providers for people with any level of deafness or hearing loss. You will need to consider booking this service if you have any new members of staff with any level of hearing loss, have existing employees who have acquired hearing loss or have deteriorating hearing or a member of staff who is changing department, location or role within the business. As part of the assessment, we look at the location, physical access, equipment, support needs and training.

All of our assessors are trained and experienced in working with Deaf people. We support individuals and employers to overcome any perceived barriers and make realistic and cost-effective recommendations and solutions. They are also qualified sign language users and are able to clearly communicate with people with all levels of deafness. A report can take approximately 10 days from the assessment.

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