Clarion UK is an established and experienced provider of sign language interpreters for events and event organisers. Providing sign language interpreters for events or conferences will help you meet your obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and create an inclusive and accessible event environment for the deaf and hard of hearing people attending.

Sign language Interpreters for Events

Our Full Range of Interpreting Services for Deaf People attending events and conferences are:


5 compelling reasons to use Clarion UK to deliver BSL interpreting for deaf people attending events:

  • Easy and Swift
    It takes just one call for us to organise the British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters you need for your event or conference.
  • Reliable
    You can count on us to deliver for you at your event with our Nationwide network of over 1500 communication professionals and a 98% fulfillment rate.
  • Transparent and Affordable
    We work with you to make sure your budget for sign language interpreters and other communication support goes as far as possible for your event.
  • Qualified
    Our communication professionals are all highly qualified and experienced in working with deaf people attending events and conferences.
  • Expert
    With a full needs analysis, we will ensure that you have the right ratio of interpreters to deaf delegates to make sure that access and inclusion needs have been met.

Services for the Event and Conference Organisers

Did you know that any organisation using us to supply sign language interpreters for events for deaf people receives a 20% discount on deaf awareness training for all staff?


Let us give your organisation a hand

If you're interested in booking communication support, or you need to talk through the communication support needs for your event then please call Lorna Fairbairn on 01763 207906 or email


Top tips for successfully organising sign language interpreters for events:

  • Advance planning
    Registration forms should ask delegates if they have any special communication needs, along with access needs. This will be the first indication you may need to book sign language interpreters for your events.
  • Sharing information and detail
    We will need to know all about your event, what type, if there are break away groups, how many deaf delegates and so on. All this information will help us supply you the right sign language interpreters for your event.
  • Pre-event Site visits
    Always a very good idea, we can then look at issues such as lighting for platform interpreter, non-distracting backgrounds, easy switching of interpreter teams, and so on.

For more information on how many sign language interpreters and other communication professionals to book for your event or conference, please complete the following form to access your FREE copy of Clarion UK’s How many interpreters do I need? PDF

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