The Event

Here at Clarion UK we were excited to provide yet another spell-bounding half-day of Deaf Awareness Training, this time to Sky’s Broadband Tech Team at their Training Centre in Dartford last month and what a great session was had by the 13 participants! They learnt about all things Deaf related to help them better understand their Deaf colleague’s needs and requirements in the workplace.

Clarion UK’s Trainer, Jeanette, was again on top form, with positive feedback such as:

“One of the best training sessions I’ve done with Sky which should be rolled out for all new recruits”

The participants were also taught by Jeanette how to fingerspell their names  and learn some basic sign language which would be useful for when they meet Deaf customers on their rounds such as “Hello, my name is…..”


Analysis of the feedback from the training generated some great figures to shout about:

Here are some stats about those that rated the specific training content as ‘excellent’:

  • 100% participants said that the training met their expectations
  • 100% said that the training was relevant to their jobs
  • 100% rated the Trainer as very knowledgeable on Deaf Awareness
  • 100% felt that the training was of high quality
  • 100% felt that the training would be useful for other colleagues

Finally and most importantly….

  • 100% of participants said that they had FUN!

Ben Wright, Sky’s Broadband Tech Team Lead commented…

The Deaf awareness training that my team and I experienced gave us all an eye-opening insight into the deaf community. Having a new member of the team who is profoundly deaf, the session has aided with his integration and each member of the team has a better awareness and understanding of how to communicate with him and the challenges he faces. I have had positive feedback from all of my team and some have been inspired to learn sign language. I would highly recommend the session”


To Learn More

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