I am sure you are aware that we are busy and have had a number of contract wins recently. As a result, we have expanded our staff  to cope with extra assignments  and  I wanted to update you on who our new staff are with their contact numbers so that you can call  them directly if you need to. It’s always nice to put a face to a name. These are our new staff members:

Team: Education
Name: Magdalena Zieba
Job Title: Education Bookings Co-ordinator
Direct Dial: 01763 207916
What’s the story? Magdalena took over from Caroline Butcher who has looked after our students so carefully for 5 years. Caroline is still a keen advisor to the team and Magdalena is ably assisted by Rhianne.


Team: Education
Name: Rhianne Wright
Job Title: Assistant Bookings Co-ordinator – Education
Direct Dial: 01763 207917
What’s the story? Rhianne is part of the education team. Our students shot up in numbers from 65 to 106 last year, this year we are supporting 150, a four-handed rather than two handed job.


Team: Legal
Names: Paula Hall, Sue Crann and Sam Fleming
Job Title: Paula is the Account Manager for MoJ, Sue and Sam Bookings Co-ordinators
Direct Dial: 01763 207908,  01763207917 and 01763207903.  OR legal Freephone number is 0330 400 5348
What’s the story? This is the team looking after all the legal bookings across the UK. Paula and Sue have 4 years’ experience of working on bookings for Deaf people in the Justice Sector, Sam is an ex police officer from Cambridgeshire Constabulary so has a great grounding in the needs of HMCTS.


Team: Health
Names: Gemma Theedham and Emily Pigg
Job Title: Both Gemma and Emily are the bookings co-ordinators for health bookings across the UK
Direct Dial: Gemma is 01763 207915, Emily 01763 207919
What’s the story? Gemma joined us in Jan 2016, Emily is our newest recruit in September.


Team: Finance
Names: Dawn Masterson
Job Title: Finance Assistant
Direct Dial: 01763 207912
What’s the story? Dawn makes sure all our freelancers bills are processed and paid on time and accurately.


We have some new Staff and Associate interpreters coming in Sept 2016, so watch this space. Do feel free to contact any of them if you have any questions, or of course any of the existing senior business leaders – Sally, Lorna, Sarah, Caroline, Beth, Caroline, Tim, Bob and Tanya on 01763209001.

We are still here!    We welcome feedback about our service and look forward to hearing from you.

We might not live in Walford, but we hold our family close to us here at Thriplow.