Here you can find detailed instructions explaining how to use our new portal. All new joiners should receive a welcome email that details the most efficient way to submit invoices, among other helpful tips. If you need this email to be resent, please contact Kelly Ashford at

Click here to access the Supplier Portal.

Please see below, guidance and instructions on using our new Clarion UK supplier portal (URL above). This guidance is aimed to aid the use of the portal, and is split into the following sections:

  1.     Getting your login details
  2.     Getting job alerts
  3.     Completing timesheets
  4.     Frequently Asked Questions

1. Getting your login details:

If you are a new supplier, you will receive an invitation to join our portal as soon as you become fully registered with us.

If you are an existing supplier, you will have received your invitation on 13th September; if you have not received this, please ask us to resend.

The invitation email will look like this:

Click the link that says ‘click here’. This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Click ‘register’**.

This will take you through to the page where you need to create your login details. It will look like this:

**Please note that this is a new portal. Please do not click ‘I have an existing account’

Your email address will be pre-populated.

  • Create a username and password that are both memorable to you.
  • Click ‘register’.
  • This will take you to your profile page. Click ‘confirm email’.

This will send you another email from payables that will look like this:

Click ‘Complete Registration’.

2. Getting job alerts:

When the education team get new students in, they will send out a job offer, what we call ‘Clarion Open Booking’. This will come through an email that will look like this:

Click on ‘link’ to respond to the booking – we cannot accept responses via email.

The link will take you straight through to the job offer, that will look like this:

  • Select whether you are available or unavailable.
  • Add your fee for the booking.
  • Add any comments relevant to the booking, such as any particular availability, and please also state the hourly rate you have based your fee on in the comments box.
  • Click ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page.

You can also access open bookings on the booking tabs along the top banner. The bookings tab will look like this:

This will show all of the students you have been offered and will also show your response if you have made any.

To view the full details, and respond to the open booking, click the blue arrow next to the open booking and click ‘view details’ (or just click on the blue link date).

**Note – if the blue arrow has disappeared, this means that the student has been allocated elsewhere.

3. Completing timesheets:

The process for arranging your own sessions with students remains the same, and you must let us know of a session with at least 24 hours working hours in advance of the start time. This is a DSAQAG requirement.

Once you have let us know of a session, and we have processed it on the system, you will receive an email booking confirmation that looks like this:

Click ‘link’ to access your timesheet. It will look like this:

At the end of the session with your student, you will need to access this timesheet and follow the instructions below:

  • Change the times if needed – i.e. if the start or end time differed from the originally booked times, they will need to be changed before the timesheet is signed by the student.
  • Add a missed session reason if the student cancelled with less than 24hours or didn’t turn up. If you missed the session because you were ill or late, please contact the Education team and we will cancel the booking on the system.
  • Add a total break duration if needed – please note that breaks lasting less than 15 minutes do not need to be recorded, but any breaks longer than this should be shown on the timesheet. Please note that failure to correctly record breaks might lead to delays in the processing of your timesheet.
  • Click ‘customer signature pad’ and ask student to sign with their finger on your touchscreen device in the box.
  • Click confirm.
  • Click ‘supplier signature pad’ and sign with your finger on your touchscreen device in the box.
  • Click confirm.
  • Click save.

This will take you to the invoice page that looks like this:

You may complete the invoice section at the same time as signing of the timesheet, or wait until you have arrived home.

  • Input a supplier invoice number for your records.
  • If the charge is correct, please click ‘submit’.
  • If the charge is incorrect and needs changing, please click on the blue arrow on the right hand side and click edit.
  • If you have changed the dates and duration on the timesheet, please double check that the duration/amounts are correct on the invoice.

This will bring up a box that looks like this:

  • Change the hourly rate to state the right amount.
  • Click submit.
  • Click submit on invoice page.

You can also access all of your timesheets on the timesheet tab of the portal. The timesheet tab looks like this and will have all of your scheduled bookings that are yet to be invoiced:


If for some reason you cannot use the electronic signature pads, either due to internet connectivity, or student disability, please use the manual timesheet option on the portal.

  • Navigate to the timesheet as per instructions above.
  • Change times/missed session/breaks as per instructions above.
  • Click ‘manual timesheet’.
  • Upload the timesheet relating to the booking **this must be in PDF format**.
  • Click ‘save’.
  • Continue as per instructions above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I see the invoices I have submitted and if they have been processed?

A. Currently the new portal does not have this functionality, but we have asked our development team to add this as one of the priorities.


Q. Why have you got a new portal?

A. Much feedback from our suppliers previously, was that the old portal was too cumbersome to use, having to input data that Clarion already had (such as booking reference and fee). This new portal is inherently linked to our booking system, meaning that all the information is there ready for you. All you should have to do is click ‘submit’.


Q. I can’t log in to the portal/I cannot remember my password.

A. Please check that you are using the username that you created when you received the invitation, and not your email address for the old portal. If you still are having trouble logging in, please contact the team, and they will reset your account.


Q. How should I put my fee (per hour., per job, adding taxes???)

A. Please put your fee for the entire booking in the fee for booking, and the hourly rate you have based this on, in the comments box.


Q. Why I’m not able to change the date or times?

A. All amendments have to be done before you get the student and yours signature. To change the times please use the calendar icon at the end of the box you wish to change. This will open up the calendar and at the bottom of the calendar is a small blue clock.

Selecting this will display the time instead of the calendar. Then you can either use the arrow buttons to adjust the time or tap on the hours or minutes and this will display either 1-12 for the hours or increments of 5 minutes for minutes. This will ensure the times remain as what they were changed to.


Q. Does the student has to sign in case of missed session?

A. No, if the student has missed a session, the requirement for their signature disappears.


Q. I don’t have an invoice number, what should I do?

A. This invoice number is for your records, and to make it easily identifiable, which invoices have been paid. Please create these to your liking.


Q. Can I create my own bookings on the portal?

A. No, please do not attempt to create your own bookings on the portal. There are development plans to make this possible in the future but this should not be done currently.


Q. I’m not good with tech could I just submit paper timesheet in PDF format?

A. No, this is no longer possible, all invoices and timesheets must be uploaded via the portal. However, if you get stuck, this process and our office team are hear to help.


Q. The Portal only accepts pdf files for upload but my files are in jpeg, png or tif format.

A. There are a few ways to get the files into pdf format for upload. One option is to download a pfd printer. This will allow you to print the image file to a pdf. Another option is to use either Microsoft Word or Google Docs. For this method please insert the image into the file and then either Save as a pdf file in MS Word or for Google Docs you can download as a pdf

(you will need to let the changes save for a moment before downloading or the file will be blank).