We will assess an individual’s support needs and make recommendations based on our findings.

workplace assessment

Workplace assessments for deaf and hard of hearing staff

‘Everyone’ is entitled to the right support that will allow them to carry out their job role effectively.  Clarion UK offer workplace assessments to employers and occupational health providers for people with any level of deafness or hearing loss.

Who should have a workplace assessment?

  • Any new members of staff with any level of hearing loss
  • Any existing member of staff who has acquired a hearing loss
  • Any existing member of staff whose hearing has deteriorated
  • Any existing member of staff whose support needs may have changed due to a change in job role.

What is a workplace assessment?

One of our experienced assessors will meet an individual to assess what types of:

  • Equipment
  • Support (including various forms of communication support)
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Training

might need to be considered for the workplace to create an inclusive working environment and does not unintentionally discriminate against a member of staff who is deaf or has hearing loss.

Why book a workplace assessment?

Giving your staff the right equipment and support to carry out their role will increase confidence, morale and ultimately productivity.  In addition by ensuring your deaf staff has the right support you will be working towards making sure you are compliant under the Equality Act 2010.

Our Assessors

Are all trained and experienced in working with deaf people.  They are able to support individuals and employers to overcome any perceived barriers and make realistic and cost effective recommendations and solutions.  All of our assessors are qualified sign language users and are able to clearly communicate with people with all levels of deafness.


Once we have gathered all of the necessary information and identified the most relevant and cost effective equipment and support, we will compile a report which will highlight our findings, recommendations, costs and companies you can purchase the equipment from. You can expect the report from us in 10 working days.

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What our clients say

The assessment and report helped us make informed decisions about what support needed to be put in place and our deaf member of staff was very happy with the recommendations.
Norman Starky, AM Plumbing and Heating Services